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Booster Car Seats
Cosco Summit Booster Car Seat

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i love this product. It is the most wonderful product I believe.


Well theres not really much to say about this product. I love this for the safety features that it has to offer. Also just because i'm a busy mom and its very time saving for me. I'm the type that is always in a hurry so anything that can save me a minute or two is worth the money. The product is great and i recommed it to anyone whos thinking about buying it.


Carthage, MO


Great carseat! Easy to use!


This carseat has served us very well.  It fastens securely and is easy to use.  We have been very pleased with it and it seems to be very comfortable for our child.  Plenty of padding in the sides and seat.  My daughter loves the cupholder.


Prospect, KY


great seat


i love it for the safeyt concious and comforability.....i would buy this product child loves this.....i would recommend it to my friends and i would also give it as a gift...Let's Review [holiday shopping gift guide][1] | [read reviews][2] | [write a review][3] | [community][4] | [my profile][5] | [log off][6] | [faq][7] | [site map][8] | [home][9] Review Categories [Autos][10] | [Baby][11] | [Beauty][12] | [Books & Magazines][13] | [Clothing][14] | [Computers][15] | [Education][16] | [Electronics][17] | [Finance][18] | [Food & Drink][19] | [Health][20] | [Home & Garden][21] | [Local Places][22] | [Movies & TV][23] | [Music & Arts][24] | [Office][25] | [Pets][26] | [Sports][27] | [Toys][28] | [Travel][29] | [Web Sites][30] | [Miscellaneous][31] Viewpoints Network [privacy policy][32] | [terms of service][33] | [about us][34] | [1]: ../giftguide [2]: ../read_reviews [3]: ../write?product_id=117126 [4]: ../member_center [5]: write?product_id=117126 [6]: ../logout [7]: ../content/help [8]: ../site_map [9]: ..// [10]: ../Autos [11]: ../Baby [12]: ../Beauty [13]: ../Books-Magazines [14]: ../Clothing [15]: ../Computers [16]: ../Education [17]: ../Electronics [18]: ../Finance [19]: ../Food-Drink [20]: ../Health [21]: ../Home-Garden [22]: ../Local-Places [23]: ../Movies-TV [24]: ../Music-Arts [25]: ../Office [26]: ../Pets--3343 [27]: ../Sports [28]: ../Toys [29]: ../Travel--3302 [30]: ../Web-Sites [31]: ../Miscellaneous [32]: ../privacy_policy [33]: ../terms_of_service [34]: ../aboutUs/index.html


London, KY


A great product that lasts longer than you may need.


The cosco Summit child car seat is a very good product to have.  It lasts and it has a very good price in relation to other similar products on the market.  It comes in different colors, so you can choose your or your little one's favorite. It includes a cupholder in one side of the seat and it is very comfortable for the kids. It has some cushion around the entire seat, but - I think - it is very thin. For me, the cushion should be a little thicker than what it currently is, but overall it is a good product.  It is very durable, I have had the cosco summit car seat for 4 years now and even though I have washed at least a couple times each year, it still looks like it was brand new.  It has kept its colors and the cushions too, the car seat is in perfect condition after 4 years of usage and my kids do real damage to everything they touch.  It has a very comfortable design that help my kids to avoid getting hurt by hitting the side of the car seat, especially because it has some cushion in this area. Overall, it is a really good product.


Pomona, CA


The Summit Car Seat has an easy to remove and replace cover!


The Summit is a great value! When my daughter spills something on it, I just take off the cover and throw it in the wash and it's easy to put back on. It is simple to install and use and will fit my daughter for a long time! The belts are easy to adjust for when my daughter is either in her summer clothes or wearing her big, bulky winter jacket. I couldn't believe how good the price was, especially compared to every other brand out there. The bright, girly colors on the cover fit my daughter perfectly and express her personality to a "T". There's nothing I regret about buying this seat and I would do it again. The cup holder makes my daughter feel like a "big girl" even though she's still facing the back of the seat. I don't dread tranferring the seat from one vehicle to the other because with this seat, it's a snap!


Spearfish, SD


I'd buy it again in a heartbeat


I've had this car seat for 1 1/2 years and love it.  I first had a different brand which was a nightmare to adjust and didn't fit my son's body at all.  This seat is quick and easy to adjust and comfortable for my boy.  The price was right too.  The only difficult thing is taking it apart to wash it, but once you do it a couple of times, it becomes slightly easier.  I'd buy it again for my second child in a heartbeat.


Lagrange, OH


great for child safety and comfort


this is a great choice for a first time parent.This carseat is everything any parent would want for their prescious cargo.I would reccommend this carseat for its safety features andthe security you as a parent would feel putting your child in this type of car seat.Cosco Summit car seat is the number one choice for me and my family.


Le Roy, NY


Cosco Summit Booster Car Seat

4.6 7