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Cosco Home and Office Products
Cosco Home and Office Products 4-Pack Molded Seat & White Speckle Back Resin Folding Chair


These high-quality, low-maintenance chairs are ideal for any gathering both indoor and outdoor. Featuring durable steel frames and solid construction, they’ll last for years to come. Coordinate with our resin tables to create your own set. The Cosco White Molded Folding Chair saves space and time with its folding frame and lightweight feel. Chairs have a molded resin seat and back.

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Very useful


This folding chair of Cosco was purchased few months back as an addition to the chairs I already owned. This folding chair is very light in weight which helps to move it from one place to another and this product is handy as well. The chair is usually placed in the garden area and when we go on a picnic, we carry this chair along with 2 others which are always useful to us. The chair has a plastic seat which is comfortable but when the chair is in the sun for long, it usually gets heated up and we need to place a cushion below and sit on it. The back seat helps to relax the back. The quality of this chair is very good and it has a steel frame. It doesn't move or rock while sitting on it. The color is great and I am planning to buy more of these chairs which can be used for gatherings or meetings where they can be useful as well. The price is a bit high but since it is easy to manage and store, it is worth the price.



Appears to be cheap, but are very sturdy


I purchased a significant amount of Cosco Home and Office Molded Seats for a small wedding I was holding in my backyard and they were perfect. The chairs are very light, but extremely durable. There is some compression to the seat and legs when I sit, but none of them have broken even under a significant amount of weight. I watched several friends and family members who weigh around 300 lbs sit for hours and the chairs held steady. The chairs fold up very smoothly and quickly. They take up very little space and I was able to store 20 of them in a very small area by stacking them on top of each other. The only downside to these chairs are that the seat is a little too low for me. I'm close to 6' and I find that my knees are almost higher than my hips when I sit on these chairs. As soon as I get up from an extended amount of sitting my right hip is popping. I can't see myself sitting in these chairs on a regular basis, but for small parties for short periods of time these chairs are more than useful. I would still recommend The Cosco Home and Office Molded Seats because they can be used for any occasion and folds up for easy storage.

Westchester, IL


Cosco Home and Office Products 4-Pack Molded Seat & White Speckle Back Resin Folding Chair

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