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Cosco Disney Sprinter Travel System Stroller

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Does it's job


My grandmother bought this Cosco travel set for me for my daughter because I absolutely adore anything with pooh bear. While this set gets the job done I find myself wishing I would have taken a step further and spent a little bit more on a travel system stroller set. Because I am anal I notice the small little details of what is wrong with this stroller set such as the fact that the little front tray on the stroller never seems to stay locked into place no matter how many times I fix it. Because I still haven't figured out how to work all the little details of this stroller I have yet to figure out how to take the tray completely off if it can be taken off at all to begin with. I also dislike the fact that the buckle on the carrier that goes between my baby's legs is VERY difficult to unbuckle and, although I know it's unsafe, for the longest I never strapped that part in when i put my baby in the carrier, and I would only do the shoulder straps. If I did strap that part of the buckles I always ended up having to get someone else to unbuckle it for me. It is also very difficult to fold the stroller up because the button to close it often gets stuck. I do like the fact that, like most carriers, I can take the cover off and wash it. I am not sure if it's just with this stroller or with most strollers but I do not like the fact that there is no way to securely attach the carrier to the stroller so that if by chance something happens the carrier cannot be easily tossed out of the stroller. Overall, if I were to have another child I would opt for spending a little bit more money on a better stroller system. The only good thing about this set is that it was Pooh Bear and it was cute.

Eustis, FL


Cosco Sprinter Travel System packs a punch


For the price the Cosco Sprinter Travel System is a good deal. It did receive a high rating from baby magazines for price and SAFETY. It is a wonderful infant seat just heavy in comparison to some others (much less expensive though). I love the colors. Baby always seems happy and cozy in it. Wish the stroller reclined more for more sleeping comfort for baby.

Carbondale, PA




As a single and young mother I was trying to save money on a stroller and car seat when purchasing the Cosco Sprinter Travel System, but I should have just spent the extra money. I guess in some cases it is true that it is quality not quantity. First of all the Cosco Sprinter Travel System car seat is difficult to put in the car and even more difficult to strap the baby is very time consuming which is not practical for moms in a hurry. I also feel as though my baby is not very comfortable in the seat. One plus is it is a cute print, but that is the only plus. Now with the Cosco Sprinter Travel System stroller, it does not steer very easy and is equally uncomfortable for my newborn. It has a lot of storage space, but that does not matter to me when comfort for my baby is lacking. I definately regret trying to save money on this purchase and I wish I would have gone with my gut when buying a stroller car seat combo.

Ocala, FL


cosco sprinter travel system is useless!!!


so my dad only buys the best right?  well not in this case!!!  i got this as a gift after my 5 mo. old was born and lemme just tell you it is garbage!!!!  the carseat does not recline back far enough first off.   so my daughters head was constantly having to be fixed.  i had to sit in the back with her every single time we traveled just to fix her head every minute.  im being completely honest here!!!!  even the head positioner they gave me stunk!!!  that thing couldnt keep her head in one place for nothing!!!   so i went and looked up troubleshooting in the back of the book that comes with it and here it said that when it does that(doesnt recline) that all you need to do is put a towel underneath the base to prop it back further!!!  i couldnt believe my eyes as to what i was reading!!!  who wants to do that?  you shouldnt have to when you buy a carseat in my opinion!!!  they might as well had just supplied the towel too in  my opinion!!!  then the stroller i thought was awesome at first except for the fact that it didnt have a little window i could use to peek in on the baby from the top!!!  i was rather irritated with that too.  but as soon as i used it in a parade where it would really test the reliability, lets just say i ended up extremely mad and frusturated by the end.  the wheels kept  getting stuck and didnt wanna turn!!!  so all in all i totally hate this thing and used a different car seat because one was given to me, and stuck with the stupid stroller because i didnt have money to go out and buy a new one.  and i didnt take it back because i didnt have the heart to tell my dad it was junk!!!  so the only good thing about this product is the colors and design, other thatn that is is completely useless!!!

Natrona Heights, PA


This car seat isn't the best one on the market.


I purchased the Cosco Emily Sprinter Travel System three months before my daughter was born. It seemed like a really great bargain compared to other brands. However, after having my daughter and actually putting the car seat and stroller to use I would have to say that I wish I would have purchased a different brand or model. The car seat itself is much more heavy that other brands. Trying to carry this heavy car seat around, espically when its just you ad your child isn't easy. It is also very bulky and it doesn't have an attachment to attach to shopping carts like similar brands do. This is a major inconvience. Also, the stroller has parts that must be dis-attached and reassembled every time you use it. This is a big time waster. Also, it doesn't seem as strong and sturdy as some other brands I have tested. Wish I would have know this before I purchased this item. If you are looking to purchase a stroller I would suggest looking for another brand and model. You may have to pay a little more but it will be worth it!

Grand Rapids, MI


Cosco Disney Sprinter Travel System Stroller

2.4 5