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Cosco Comfy Carry Infant Car Seat

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Glad we didn't actually purchase this


My husband and I took our boys on a cruise vacation when they were 2 years old and 7 months old. We brought our 2 year old's car seat with us because it was light and easy to transport. We decided it would be best to rent a car seat for the baby when we picked up the rental car because his was more bulky. This is the car seat the rental company gave us. It was HORRIBLE! The seat was difficult for my husband to install (no instructions provided by the rental car agency, which we expected). Once he did get it installed, it was not stable at all. We could literally flip it forward with our finger. Needless to say we did not use this seat and waited for another seat to arrive. I understand that there were many factors playing against us with this car seat, but it is the only experience we have with it. We have learned our lesson and have purchased travel car seats to take on vacation.

Country Club Hills, IL


Comfy Carry Infant Car Seat Model: IC107BBN, I don't like it


This particular model has the latch system which makes it safe for the infant but it has a 5-point harness that is a total bear to secure. The part that goes between the baby's leg must be overlapped and then pushed into the fastener. It must be done with two or three hands. It is not just a snap and go. It may even appear that the baby is securely fastened in the seat but it will pop out. It is two pieces of plastic that must be lined up then pushed into the fastener. If, for any reason, you have problems with your hands or fingers this is not the car seat for you. This is for infants and rear facing only. I would not buy this again and am looking for an easier one that fastens better. Child's Comfort The seat is hard. Ok for short distances but not long ones. Support and Safety It will keep the baby in the seat providing the seat is properly installed and the 5-point harness has stayed buckled. Ease of Use See the comments about the 5-point harness. Also, the instruction manual was not created for the 'show me' kind of learner. Design It awkward to carry and the sun roof keeps popping off. Durability I gave it a satisfactory because I have not yet broken it.

Kalamazoo, MI


Not a good seat


We bought this carseat for our first baby 6 years ago and it expires this December. We are going to shred every piece of fabric and the straps and then we are dousing the shell in fuel and blowing the sucker up and watching it burn. Carseat safety has come along way in 6 years and I have certainly learned alot more about seats since my first baby. I wish I would have known then what I know now. All of these seats are either expired or are about to expire and they are not manufactured anymore. These seats had recall after recall after recall. Most do not come with a base and the bases were not LATCH equipped but the seats themselves come with a LATCh strap. If you research it, so many children have been hurt in these seats, many died. They are not safe at all. I can't wait to watch it burn up! If you have this seat, I beg of you, please do not use it.

Vilonia, AR


Cosco Comfy Carry Infant Car Seat

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