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Cosco Beginnings Gentle Motion Swing

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Took it back within hours of getting it


I bought this and came home to put it together. Right away it seemed so unstable and thought I had done something wrong. It just didn't seem sturdy at all. I re read instructions to make sure. We put batteries in it and put our then 10 pound daughter in it. It wouldn't even swing her, even on the highest speed. I'm sure I just got a bad swing but it made me not want to buy anything from Cosco again. I returned it that day & spent more money and got a plug in swing.

Shelbyville, TN


i love this cosco beginnings gentle motion swing, & its cheap!


I love this swing, it doesn't play music or anything but i like it. My fiance's sister brought my first son one and he used to fall asleep in it.This swing gets the job done! Now we have a three month old son and he also likes it! He doesn't stay sleep in it at night but the swing isnt for sleeping, its for calming and rocking and as i said before, it gets the job done! I like it .I now have two because i stil have the other one from my two year old, and i use them both and i will continue to use them until he gets too big for them! The only reason i could see for someone not buying it is because it plays no music, but if you want a basic swing, This is a great choice. Oh and it also has five speeds! I always leave it on high though because my son wouldnt move if i put it on any lower,because he is a big baby. But other than that, its a great swing, i really like it. I would buy it again or use the old ones again if i have another baby!

Patterson, LA


The cosco infant swing is a wonderful product .


The Cosco Infant swing has been a blessing and joy to use. The seat is adjustable from setting to reclining position. It is battery operated for a longer swing time.The cover is removable for easy laundrying. The tray is a nice white  hard plastic and easily wiped off. This Cosco swing is stationary and does not collaspes but, it is a swing me and my grandaughter both enjoy.

Rainelle, WV


Great until baby gets taller or heavier


We loved this swing at first. As soon as our son had enough control over his neck and head, we had him in it. He loves swinging. This is where he takes his naps most of the time. We started out on the slowest setting, with the seat reclined all the way back. Now he can sit straight up in the swing if he prefers, and we use the fastest setting. This swing takes 4 D size batteries. Kinda expensive, but we use this swing four hours a day or more, every day, and it takes a month and a half or longer to run the batteries dead. Small price to pay to get baby to take a nap. Our son wants to sleep during naps with you laying next to him or holding him. That's not always possible. This fact alone makes it worth a few batteries every month or two. Our son is 7 months old. He is already too tall for this swing. By this I mean we have to be careful to move his feet out of the way when opening and closing the snack tray. If we aren't careful when closing it, we could bend his feet back toward his shins, hurting him. His head is still plenty far enough away from the top of the seat, but he'll soon have to stop using this swing because of his feet and the tray being in the way of each other. Also, now that he weighs 20 pounds, the swing seems to be slowing down a lot. I don't know if it's the motor and gears wearing out, or if the weight of him is slowing down the swing due to it taking more force to swing the same as it did when he weighed 10 pounds. This swing is only rated for up to 25 pounds, so it won't be too long until we'll have to put the swing up for the next child. This swing is advertised as foldable. It is, but only to the extent that you can fold the front legs back toward the back legs. It still takes up a lot of room due to the size of the seat on this thing. If you're looking for a swing that folds up small, this is not it. I do like the fact that you can take the swing back apart for storage if you like. I also like the fact tht the seat locks into place for putting baby in and taking baby out.

Athens, AL


My daughter cant live without it


The Cosco Baby swing is one of the products they have made. The things that i love the most about this gentle glide baby swing is the 5 speed changer it lets me select the speed that my little one wants to go. Of course it is battery operated that is the only bad thing about it but hey it still works. there is the seat changing position's it has 3 of them the first one is for newborns the 2nd seat level is for supported sitters and the 3rd position is for 6 months and older.  The seat belt and the material is easy to take off and  wash. The Cosco Baby gentle beginning is very easy to store with its folding up mechanisms is easy to operate and the space that the swing requires is perfect for traveling in a small car and good for small apartments. The pros about this product are the 5 speeds changer, the 3 seat adjuster, the storage space and the easy removal of the material to be washed.  The con to this product is it being operated by batteries.

Porterville, CA


Cosco Infant Swing is entertaining and comfortable.


The cosco infant swing is a comfortable chair for the baby. We purchased this swing when the baby was 2 months (2 months ago). When shopping for swings we compared alot of prices. Since we already had purchased several items for the baby we were not looking for something expensive. This particular swing was on sale at Babies R Us. it is usually around 70.00 but we purchased this swing for 40.00. the 5 speeds are great because the baby enjoys swinging with his toys and bears so we can increase his speed when we increase the amount of toys he is playing with. We can also increase the speed as opur baby increases his weight. Since the baby has grown since we purchased the swing we used the adjustable harness so he can keep using the swing while he grows. There is a tray on his swing so we are doubling it up as a highchair. He can play with his finger puppets and start eating solid foods while sitting in his swing. For cost concious shoppers this is a great buy.

Louisville, KY


it is basic, but has held up very well


I loved the cosco gentle motion 5 speed swing. It was a reasonable price and has held up for both of my sons. It is easy to move, light weight and folds together. I would recommend it to children 2 months and older. It is good for children who are hard to put to sleep, rythmic glide makes it easy.  

Fort Belvoir, VA


great product!


I have used this swing for all three of my babies. I have loved it every since I first got it. I love that it's not that big so it doesn't take up too much room in our house. I love that it adjust for newborns and then when they get older it sits up more. it has a few speeds which is nice, and you can wash everything whicch really comes in handy when the baby spits up all over it! I have had it for a long time and it's still going strong. Greatest of all it's not that expensive at all! I have recommended it to my friends!

Clifton, NJ


Cosco Beginnings Gentle Motion Swing

3.5 8