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Cosco Avila Convenience Stroller

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great stroller for the price


This stroller has been one of the best baby purchases we have made.  This stroller isn't too wide and is a sturdy stroller not made from cheap plastic that can break.  We love how big the wheels are on this stroller for it can go over any terrain easily.  The one recline position isn't too bad and we like the extra large cup holder for the kid. The cup holder for the adult could be a little bigger for it doesn't fit my water bottle and it isn't that big. The tray is a little high, but our child doesn't seem to mind.  The basket at the bottom of the stroller holds a lot of stuff and that is nice, especially when shopping.  The stroller is compact enough that it fits in our two door cars trunk.  On trips we are able to pop the wheels off without any problems to better fit the luggage.  For a stroller that you want to talk on your cell phone and steer at the same time good luck.  The one big fault to the stroller is the simple fact that you have to steer with two hands or else it is a hard to maneuver. Also, if flying on an airplane with the stroller beware of the umbrella part. It gets bent out of shape so just tie it with some string to prevent it from happening.  Or if it does get bent, we just took it apart and my husband bent it back.

Rexburg, ID


Cosco price is unbeatable


I purchased the Cosco stroller not long after having my first baby. I was looking for a good stroller to take my baby on walks and this one seemed to fit the bill. I liked the basked and the tray and also the cup holders. It seemed smaller than other strollers I had seen and that was nice. The price was unbeatable compared to the many other strollers I saw. I originally wanted a travel system stroller but decided to purchase the carseat and stroller separately to save money. I was so glad I did this because my Graco carseat fit into this stroller and my carseat and stroller was half the price of the travel system stroller I was looking at! The only complaint I have with this stroller is the visor. The visor is attatched on one side so it can only be pulled down so far. I like to be able to adjust the visor as far forward and backward as possible so that the baby doesn't have sun in his face.

Chapel Hill, NC


Great for the price


We purchased this stroller to be able to fit in my trunk since our full size stroller was just to big. It is a great in between when you want something smaller than your full size stroller but something more substantial than your umbrella stroller. Overall this is a great stroller. We use it regularly. It does have limitations however. It is somewhat on the short side and my husband (6 foot 2) hates pushing it. I have no problems at 5 foot 7. After having it only a few weeks the entire rear wheel just came off. I found all the pieces to it and the pin that keeps everything in place was bent. I called the company and they were able to send us a new piece with at no cost. We have had it months since then and never had the same problem. My baby is still small but I can see how the tray in the front will get in the way when he gets older. Most strollers have a tray that you can move out of the way to put the child in. Even still this is a great stroller for the price.

Hilliard, OH


Cosco Avila Convenience Stroller

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