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Cortizone Intensive Healing Formula

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Helped heal my skin


I got this product probably around a month ago. I had developed painful cracks in the skin on the corners of my mouth. I read online that Cortizone ointment would help heal those cracks within a few days. Before I tried Cortizone, I tried chapstick, Neosporin, petroleum jelly, and a couple other things. Those things didn't really help at all and it was just getting worse. It makes it painful to eat or just to open your mouth wide at all. Well I tried the Cortizone. Even just after the first time putting it on, the itch and pain was gone. It felt so much better on those cracks than anything else that I had tried. It was very soothing. It still took at least a week to heal my skin cracks completely, but I could definitely see progress from using this ointment. If you have these cracks on the corners of your mouth, try this, use it for a few days and you won't be disappointed. Trust me, it'll help.



Soothes minor irritation


Cortizone Intensive Healing Formula is not an itch medicine only for people with sensitive dry skin, it serves multiple purposes. Cortizone claims that it should be used for "excema, psoriasis, poison ivy, insect bites, detergents, jewelry, cosmetic, soaps, seborrheic dermatitis." For insect bites, jewelry, and cosmetic irritation, I say it works great. I have very sensitive skin, so any jewelry that isn't sterling silver can irritate my skin, especially necklaces. Cortizone Intensive Healing Formula reduces the redness associated with inflammation and soothes the itch. However, for excema, I wouldn't say it works that much. If anything, it soothes the itch, doesn't treat redness or the rash. I have super bad excema seasonally throughout the year and find that nickel really breaks me out, so I tried Cortizone before going to my doctor or a dermatologist. I can say it temporarily relieved the itch, but 5 minutes later I'd find myself itching again. I was even on an oral anti histamine (which suppresses allergic reactions) with no such relief. I found that a prescription ointment, which I'm on now, works much better for excema than Cortizone. Overall, it's a necessary product to have in the house. It can be used to soothe bug bites and reduce redness with rashes associated with a wide variety of products. If it doesn't work for chronic skin conditions, like excema, psoriasis, or seborrheic dermatitis, a prescription ointment might be the next step.

Boise, ID


Must Have in your Medicine Cabinet


This is one over the counter medication that I would never do without. It is wonderful and helps with everything from mosquito bites to ingrown hair to minor skin irritation due to makeup or other products. Anytime I have an itch or a red spot anywhere, I reach for this product. It helps take some of the red out of pimples as well, so I would recommend it if you have a teenager, or suffer from some not so teenager blemishes. I haven't had any problems using it on my face, and the results are great. It's a life saver when I notice an itch or red spot when I'm getting ready to go out. Minor burns are also soothed by this product. It does so much for one little tube in your medicine cabinet. I prefer the topical application to taking an oral antihistamine because it soothes  the itch but doesn't have me dozing or falling asleep in class or at work. It is exceptionally gentle on your skin, so you don't have to worry about it adding to the problem you're trying to fix.

Woodbridge, VA


Cortizone Intensive Healing Formula

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