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Corte-Clean Composite Cleaner

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Corte Clean is great for cleaning composite decking.


I have been using Corte Clean on our composite deck for 3 years & it works like a charm. The only product I have found that makes all of our stains disappear. This year we had entire roof replaced which resulted in a lot of tough black spots on the deck (from asphalt shingles). the deck is now looking like new!! Love the product & the company!!



Works great so far


Just purchased this after numerous attempts at other deck cleaners for my Trex deck. Decking had not been cleaned for three years (except attempts with other deck cleaners which did nothing). Lots of mold and dirt. I mixed a quart at full strength and did a test area to determine results. 20 mins after first application and some light brushing with a stiff brush and was amazed. Dried the area and did a second application and after another 20 mins and some light brushing - all mold was gone from test area boards. I cannot wait to do the full deck next weekend!

Brook Park, OH


Cost too much for limited results


Change deck color, left mold  and white residue behind. Used at full strength and 2x the application as the direction stated. Bleach is cheaper and requires no scrubing. Mold came back just as quick with this product update 8/2011 found a great deck cleaner  "wet and forget" http://www.viewpoints.com/Wet-And-Forget-Moss-Mold-And-Mildew-Control-reviews

Woodbridge, VA


Corte-Clean Composite Cleaner

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