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Cortaid Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Cream

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A great way to ease that old itch.


After having moved and obtaining my summer "break out," I could not find the generic-name  brand product I normally use.  I ended up purchasing this product instead, and was quite disappointed.  It took longer to heal the wound (I use the same dosage), and did little to stop the itching. I payed more in price, expected more in results, but got little in return.  What worse is that it was less than I was getting with a generic brand.  I believe that the makers of this product need to look at a base (cream) that is a little more friendly to the skin in absorption.  While some people use oil-based  products, other buy creams.  I have tried both, in this case.  I do NOT recommend this product to someone else, nor do I plan to use it again.  This is one example where you do not get what you pay for. 


Panorama City, CA


it eases the itch


I showed my doctor the rash i had on my arm.my doctor told me it was winter ezema and to use cortaid on it. I used it on the spots and it worked well.I use this this during the winter months when the ezema starts up and it helps controls the itching.


Dexter, IA


Cortaid Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Cream

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