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Cortaid Cortizone 10 Cream

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Cortizone 10 is a real help to relieve itching of any kind.


Among many diabetic problems is a greater tendency to develop itching patches of skins for no obvious reason.  I used a prescription medication for this at one time, but paying for repeated doctor visits to get the prescription renewed became expensive.  A diabetic is plagued by medical bills; so I was eager to omit this one if possible.  I explored the pharmacy shelves and found Corizone 10.  While not inexpensive, it cost less than I'd been paying for the prescription one. A diabetic must always be careful about using any medication; so I asked my doctor about the safety factor. He said it had slightly less hydrocortisone content than the one he'd prescribed, and anyone should be able to use it.  I tried it and found it worked almost as well as the prescription.  Nothing relieves my itching skin perfectly, but this does it quite well.  It is 1% Hydrocortisone, and is a non-greasy cream that's easy to apply.  It does not stain clothing. 

Charleston, WV


Cortaid Cortizone 10 Cream

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