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Corningware SimplyLite

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I love this Corningware!


I was given the SimplyLite Corningware as an anniversary gift this year, from my mom.  I absolutely love it!  It is so very light, easy to clean and it looks pretty too!  The set comes with quite a few pieces (I can't remember exactly how many so I don't want to say and be incorrect.  The only thing I would like more of are the lids.  I believe the set I received only came with two lids and I really wish everything had a lid!  It would save on using tupperware items and extra foil for storage in the fridge.  You cannot use these from fridge to oven, or vice versa.  It cannot tolerate the extremet temperature changes.  This isn't an issue for me but it may be for some other mothers who prepare, refrigerate and then bake from the fridge.  You can always prepare your meal and refrigerate in a separate container.  I would recommend doing this because this bakeware is awesome.  So easy to clean it is worth the use!!

Albuquerque, NM


This CorningWare really is Simply Lite!


Simply Lite is the perfect name for this line of CorningWare.  This baking dish has all of the advantages of regular CorningWare, but weighs less than half as much.  Simply Lite can go from the freezer to the oven, to the table, then to the refrigerator.  It is both durable and pretty.  The baking dish has both a glass and a plastic cover so food can be baked then stored in it. It takes up much less space in the cabinet, refrigerator, oven, and in the dishwasher.  Simply Lite is easy to clean, and does not chip. I believe there is a three year warranty, which shows that Corning stands behind this product. I have used CorningWare for thirty years.  Since that time Corning has improved their bakeware by adding new sizes and styles, plastic covers, etc., but this is the best improvement ever! The only disadvantage is, that as far as I know Simply Lite only comes in white.  It would be nice if I could match it to my dishes, bakeware and other serving pieces. 

East Weymouth, MA


Everything I love about Corning at half the weight!


I bought a pair of 1-1/2 quart SimplyLite baking dishes at a Corningware outlet store a few weeks ago.  I knew I'd love them... and I do! They're glass... just like my traditional Corningware casserole and baking dishes.  I have a LOT of Corningware bakeware.  It's heavy, but it lasts forever - it's easy to clean - it's easy to store leftovers (just put the lid on and stick it in the refrigerator) - and it moves between the freezer, refrigerator, and oven or microwave.  That means I have only ONE dish to wash!  WooHoo! What makes Corningware SimplyLite exceptional is the *weight* (or lack thereof).  In one hand, I can easily hold a 1-1/2 quart dish with its lid to put it away in the kitchen cabinet.  The bakeware is white... not patterns (I miss the blue pattern), but white is classic.  I'm happy. I plan to buy a large square casserole/bakepan.  The regular Corningware bakedish like this is really heavy (even with nothing in it).  I want a light one so I'll have  better control of it when I move it to / from the oven.  I love these 1-1/2 quart bakedishes.  Even better, I'm going to love ALL of this product line!

Owasso, OK


Corningware SimplyLite

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