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Corioliss Silver Zebra 1" Ceramic Flat Iron SXE

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Stylish straightener that gets the job done!


The Zebra Cortex straightener from Corioliss is stylish, durable and effective.  I have naturally wavy hair and this straightener makes my hair straight and smooth!  It heats up very fast and stays heated for an extended amount of time.  It has small plates which works especially great for bangs and hair close to the face.  However, it works well all over too!  The heating setting ranges from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees.  I keep mine in the middle, but if you need intense heat, this straightener is for you!  The zebra design makes the straightener stylish and not boring!  This straightener gets the job done and in record time.  It's intense heat gets the job done fast.  My hair is very thick and always took forever to straighten, but with this straightener, the job gets done fast!  This straightener is easy to use and operate and it looks great on your dresser because of it's stylish design :)

Toledo, OH


Buying the corioliss SX3 flat iron made my hair ecstatic .


Before I purchased the Corioliss SX3, I was using a cheap flat Iron I had bought from a local store. I was always having problems fixing my hair and keeping it straight and preventing my ends from sticking straight out instead of laying flat or curving under. My hairstylist always told me that I needed a flat iron that was capable of becoming very hot. . Finally, one day after Christmas I went shopping and I happen to go by one of the Corioliss kiosks in the mall. The gal wanted to use it on my hair to show me what a difference it could make on my hair. I was pretty impressed how straight my hair was after she used it. The iron is also capable of putting big curls in hair. I ended up buying one even though it was a little more pricey. I have owned my iron now for almost 3 years now and I love it! I had a  problem with the power switch shorting out, but they replaced it and sent me a new one. It was a very simple process. I love my iron and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Tampa, FL


Corioliss Silver Zebra 1" Ceramic Flat Iron SXE

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