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Corioliss 1-3/4" Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

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Corioliss is a great product that actually works.


The Corioliss ceramic hair straightener and curling iron actually works as advertised. I have very curly, hard to straighten hair, that continually frizzes due to high humidity or in even a light breeze. When I use the Corioliss straightener, my hair remains straight until I wash it again, without the use of extra stying products like the flat iron sprays. There are no typical wild hairs, but a smooth finish to the straightened hair. Once my hair is straightened, if I feel like putting a little extra kick into it, the straightener also has a curling edge that allows me to put simple elegant curls in my hair, without having to change attachments or add something to the straightener. This straightener is small and convenient, which means that it will travel and store easily. You can find the product in some of your specialty stores, or order it online and the Corioliss website. The price could be considered a little steep, but the product is worth every dime.

Petal, MS


Corioliss Wet n Dry is the BEST


Corioliss is one of the best straightening companies ever. I bought it as a special deal from the straightening kiosks because I worked next to door to them for around 5 months. I bought it thinking that it would be massive waste of money but instead it ended up being one of the best straightners ever. I have natually wavy and easy hair to straightening but one of my friends has quite rough thick and curly hair. Literally, she heats it for a minute and it straightens her hair in like one pull. It is quite pricey but I will say that once you buy this straightener, you really will never need another one for as long as you live. I've had it for two years now and its still running as if brand new. It also helps with climate control and issues like that. Usually, humidity gets to me but definitely when i use this straightner, my hair doesn't poof at humidity. It doesn't get hot to the point of burning your hair but enough to straighten and make it silky and pretty.

Chestertown, MD


Straighter hair, less time.


The Corioliss hair straightener is a time saver, as well as an amazing straightener. I learned a secret from a professional hair stylist, that you should never turn your straightener on or off, but to always keep it on, and to unplug it when you're done. That way it cools down a little bit more naturally, and stays in better condition longer. I have done that with my Corioliss since May, and it has been amazing. It heats up in about thirty seconds, and straightens my naturally wavy/curly/fluffy hair in no time! It does heat up quickly, and it is hot. It stays hot for awhile too, so after I unplug it I leave it out to cool down before putting it away in my drawer.

Auburn, WA


Corioliss 1-3/4" Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

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