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Core Rhythms Four Workout Starter Set

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It's an okay workout set, but I got tired of it fast.


I am always searching for a good workout dvd that combines aerobics/cardio and dance moves. There's something about dancing in a workout that just makes it a lot more fun then the basic moves. I got this dvd set years ago thinking that it was going to be one of the greatest workouts out there. It was just okay. At first I thought that it was good. I liked the different core exercises and dance moves, but I found that I tired of this one shortly. I still own it and every now and then I will do it, but it is not something that I would see myself doing on a regular basis. The girls leading the workouts do have a lot of energy and spunk. The dance moves aren't that bad. Prepare to work out your abs and move your hips a lot. I would say that it's not too hard to keep up with. You might have to work on the moves a few times before you get them down pat, but you will get them. It does give you a nice sweat. These really aren't that bad. I just found other workout dvds that I have liked a lot better.



Fun workout


I love core rhythms. It makes me sweat and I'm having fun the whole time. I've done other dance videos, that seem like they're taylored to beginners and don't make my heart race at all. This one definitely does the trick and it's a ton of fun too! I would definietly recommend it to a friend or coworker. You can burn a lot of calories with these videos.

Shelocta, PA


Didn't get anything out of this


Core Rhythm was the worst thing I ever spent my money on. I love to stay fit, and thought this would help. Well it didn't do anything for me. No results achieved. Very Very fast could barely keep up with the DVD. I would NOT recommend this video to anyone. It is a waste of time and money. The only thing it teaches you to do is dance like a star, which you can make up the moves all by yourself. I was trying to get myself a little more toned, but this wasn't enough for me. you're better off going to the gym or trying something else. Hope this helps. Just didn't work out for me. Most of the routines are the same in all videos so not sure what the difference is or what they were thinking when they created this.

Pinellas Park, FL


core rhythms


 I did this a couple of times, I think this one is really fun! I have a lot of exercising tapes, because I get bored easy. This one seems to be one that I will do for a while.  It keeps you entertained while you workout. Nothing that strenuous, pretty easy, when I woke up the next day I felt it!

Pittsburgh, PA


I love the core rhythms work out


If you take 45 mins a day  to do this work out within 2 weeks you will be guaranteed to see pleasing results. It's fun and it works! I am a new mom who wanted to lose the baby fat fast and this Core Rhythms DVD has definitely helped me so much.

Jamaica, NY


Energetic and fun!!


I bought this dvd as I do all my workout dvds, in nervousness of if I'm wasting my money or not.  I have to say this one was not a waste.  It is a lot of fun, it has enough variety and energy to help keep you focused and at a high energy level even on those I dont want to do this day.  I have had this collection for almost a year and I still incorporate it into my workout regimine.  The girls keep you going and you will feel your abs working in a whole new way.  This is a great alternative to laying on the floor crunches. I really enjoy this workout and it always makes me feel better when I have completed the workouts.  I have been working out for 15 years so it is hard to keep me focused and driven, I have to say the core rythms four workout starter set.  This workout series covers all areas of a workout without the somtimes boring gym.  So I say this one is for sure a keeper and I would recommend it.

Massillon, OH


This is a fun and exciting workout that works wonders on the abs


I just love this workout dvd.  It's fun, it's exciting and not hard to do.  The music is great also.  I find that I look forward to my workout every day.  Even better having a friend do it with you makes it that much better.  The dvd targets the abs and helps you shed the unwanted middle with easy movements.  You will trim inches off your middle so fast and have fun while doing it.  I have been doing core rhythms now for about a month and am amazed at the wonderful results.

Durham, NC


Core Rhythms Four Workout Starter Set

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