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Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous Spray SPF 70+ Sunscreen

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The continuous spray does not work if there is a breeze.


The continuous spray doesn't work well if there is a breeze. We live in the mountains and more of the spray went into the air than on our skin .The scent was the usual suntan lotion scent and it was absorbed quickly when it got onto your skin. It may work fine when the air is still but up here it is ineffective

Milford, PA


Coppertone Ultra Guard Spray SPF 70 is THIS mom's friend - A+


I have a thing about sunscreen: my first experience at a tanning bed I complained that I wasn't getting a tan. My sister asked me what number of a developer I was using, I told her SPF 50! LOL True story! I hate getting a sunburn, love to get some color but because I hate the burn and hate to damage my skin or my family's skin I am a Coppertone junkie - my passion for sunscreen is only rivaled by my passion for mascara! The thing I always hate about lotions and sunscreens is getting it all over my hands - because I'm constantly touching my face throughout the day, and MOST products cause my face to breakout with acne (usually cystic...grrr). So I love products that are spray on's - especially sunscreen! The only downside of Coppertone Ultra Guard Spray is that it is pricey, like ALL sunscreens out there, but this spray bottle seems to run out very quickly (like about 3 beach visits, applied to a family of 5). So although it runs out much quicker than traditional sunscreen, I love this stuff - thank you Coppertone!!! Scent Smells like suntan lotion...yummy! It's screams summer. Absorption I love the quick application of Coppertone Ultra Guard Spray and how you're not all goopy and streaky or find yourself working up a sweat in the sand just to apply! It absorbs quicker than regular sunscreen and lasts just as long. Longevity This is a waterproof formula that last a long time - SPF70!!!! Effectiveness Coppertone Ultra Guard Spray SPF 70 is wonderful...I like the waterproof mostly, because we use this at the beach like fish uses water - non-stop! This product goes on evenly, and is highly affective in protecting your precious skin - I do spray this on my face occasionally and I haven't broken out, so that is a bonus. Ease of Application This is lovely to apply. Just make sure you are careful to spray it evenly all over; take your time or you'll be splotchy.

Livonia, MI


Coppertone UltraGuard Spray protects sensitive skin.


My husband has delicate Irish skin and chose not to go tanning before we headed off to Mexico on our vacation.  I knew I needed to bring some serious sunblock along for him so I bought two cans of *Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous Spray SPF 70*. This is a broad-spectrum sunblock that is very easy to use: you simply press the top to dispense an even layer of spray onto your skin.  You don't even have to rub it into skin because it absorbs so quickly.  You can spray this product while holding the can at any angle which is helpful because you can cover areas like your upper back and the backs of your arms without asking anyone for assistance. I was extremely impressed with *Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous Spray SPF 70*.  We were diligent about applying it religiously to my husband's skin and he never once had to deal with burned skin.  I also used it my very first day on the island to protect my Italian skin and I developed some nice color without burning.  The problem with this spray sunblock, like all others, is the fact that it truly does "stick" to skin and is very difficult to wash off of skin.  My husband and I had to help each other scrub it off of our backs with a mesh sponge because it simply isn't the kind of product that will just rinse away. Still, *Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous Spray SPF 70* did an excellent job of protecting lily-white skin from burning in tropical sunshine.  I can deal with the whole showering difficulty issue when I know that it is so effective in protecting skin.  I will definitely buy this product again at the start of the summer so my husband can use it again during our days at the beach and in the pool.  Recommended! Scent This smells like your typical sunscreen. Absorption This sunscreen spray coats skin rather than actually absorbing into it. Longevity This spray becomes like a shellac that sticks on skin until it is thoroughly scrubbed off of skin. Effectiveness This sunblock spray does a very good job of protecting sensitive skin from the sun. It keeps my husband's sensitive skin from burning in the strong Caribbean UV rays. Ease of Application This is a spray sunblock which is super-easy to apply. You just push the button down and then try to apply an even layer of product to your skin.

New Jersey, NJ


Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous Spray is a lifesaver!


My daughter and I have very fair skin and I have been teased more than once for being so strict about sunscreen application.  I feel like it is so dumb to get a sunburn when the prevention is so simple.  This product has saved my skin many times because it is easy to find in local grocery stores and takes just a couple of minutes to apply to your entire body.  I keep a bottle handy to throw in the pool bag or backpack for any outing.  I prefer to apply it outside because it does have a bit of a residue.  If you are not careful with your clothes, you may also have slight discoloring of the fabrics.  I always roll my sleeves, and hem of shorts, pants, skirt or whatever up higher than will ever be exposed and then spray.  It is nice to have a partner to spray you down for a more even application that reaches everywhere.  I love that it is fast and my hands aren't covered in a thick grease and yet I am getting fantastic protection from the damage of the sun.

Salt Lake City, UT


Coppertone Continuous Spray is awesome.


My daughter and I both have very fair skin that burns easily.  We decided this past summer that we were going to go to disney world for a family vacation.  I knew right away I was going to have to bring a few bottle of sunscrean.  I bought the highest SPF I could find in our hometown which was only SPF 45 and then I found Coppertone Continuous Spray in an SPF 70 in Florida.  I bought 3 bottles.  This stuff was amazing.  Neither of us turned red at all during the week we were there.  We were able to be in the heat of one hundred degree whether and higher all week from sun up to sun down and not be miserable due to sunburn.  This spray was not greasy feeling and was sold at a good price.  It also rained everyday we were there and it didn't come off with the rain.  I loved that I didn't have to re-apply several times a day.  We even spent a day at a water park and never had to re-apply.  This is by far my favorite type of sunscreen.

Lagrange, GA


Coppertone continuous spray saved our skin!


I orignally bought this for my neice when she came over and wanted to go swimming. It sprays in any direction and it is quick and even just like the package says. I liked how convenient it was to spray her down as opposed to getting covered in goopey sunblock lotion. It is pretty lightweight and not greasy like lotion sunblock which made me more at ease with putting it on my own face (which is prone to breakouts). The SPF is so high that I was not worried at all about any of us burning, especially my pastey boyfirend who always burns. It was alittle difficult to get off skin but thats the point it is waterproof and you know that your going to have all day protection. So Ithink the extra showertime getting it off is well worth not being burnt to a crisp. This product will definately be comming with us to the beach and the zoo and any other outdoor activity. I also plan to get sme for my mother who is especially pale. I would recomend this to anyone and everyone. It was really a good buy.

Ottawa, OH


Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous Spray SPF 70+ Sunscreen

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