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Coppertone Sport Sunblock Lotion with Caribiner SPF 30 1.5 oz

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Perfect pocket size sunscreen


I received one of these on a beach bag gift set and was in love right away. Coppertone sport sunscreen is the only sunscreen that we use due to its effectiveness, affordability and the ease of application. When I received this I immediately stuck it on the diaper bag that we take with us to the park, it is now one of the essential items and I have even gone out and purchased a few more to stick on other bags. Coppertone sport sunscreen has always protected our families skin and, as long as you reapply as recommended, it does a wonderful job. This product is not greasy and does not give our little ones rashes as other products have. It also absorbs easily into the skin which is great so you aren't trying to rub in your sunscreen for a long time or getting lotion all over your clothing because it wouldn't absorb. I love that this bottle is little and not bulky and has a little clip that you can literally clip anywhere. That way we have sunscreen wherever we are and for the few times that I have forgotten and we were going to be outside for a large part of the day, I just had to go searching in our bags/cars for one of these little gems.



Excellent Sunscreen for Athletes!


If you are like me and spend hours out of doors then you are in need of an excellent sunscreen to protect your skin and health from the damaging affects of the sun. For my long distance cycling rides that have me out in the sun for over 24 hours, I chose Coppertone Sport from SPF 30 on up to 70 and absolutely love this smaller screen bottle with the utility clip since it easily attaches to my Camelbak or bike and can be refilled when it is empty. This way, I always have the right amount of sunscreen protection right at my fingertips. Because I am active, I also require my sunscreen to be sweat proof and this product fills that bill. It is a little heavy but if it protects my skin from the sun and stays on while riding in the heat of Texas for hours, it is well worth the thickness. Athletes love this formulas because of the sweatproof ability of this sunscreen and I probably won't change because of it. Sandy

Whitewright, TX


Coppertone Sport Sunblock Lotion with Caribiner SPF 30 1.5 oz

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