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Coppertone SPF 15 Sunscreen

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Great Sunscreen for the Whole Family


This Coppertone sunscreen has been used by myself and my family for many years. We are all light and often burn easily if we are out at the beach for the day. When applied carefully and re-applied after swimming, I have been protected from sunburns and get a gradual buildup of color to a nice golden tan. Scent One of things that I love best about Coppertone sunscreen, is the scent. So many other brands have strong, tropical fruit type scents, but Coppertone;s fragrance is light and pleasant. It reminds me of summers spent vacationing at the beach. Absorption Coppertone sunscreen absorbs relatively quickly, especially on dry skin. I re-apply it after swimming and wait until my skin is dry so that it will absorb right away. Longevity I find that if I am not going swimming than one application of Coppertone sunscreen will last me all day long. If I do swim, than I re-apply the sunscreen each and every time just to be safe. Effectiveness I never have any issues with burning when I use this product. Ease of Application I gave this an eight for ease of application merely because it is a lotion and not a spray. i prefer lotion over a spray but it is a bit more labor intensive and takes longer than using a spray.



One of my favorite sunscreens!


This sunscreen is one of my all time favorites. I have a pool where I live so I use a lot of sunscreen. I am also a teacher so most of my summers are spent laying by the pool. This is one of the top sunscreens in my opinion. The sunscreen gives great protection to your skin. It always keeps me from getting sun burned. However, I can also get a really great tan while using this. It does not keep your skin from tanning, which I really like. It lasts for an extended period of time. I would highly recommend this sunscreen. I will definitely be stocking up on it for the summer! Scent It smells good. The sunscreen scent is not overpowering. It actually smells pretty good. Absorption It absorbs great. I only have to wait about 5 minutes after applying this for it to be absorbed into my skin. It does not leave you feeling greasy at all. Longevity It lasts a pretty good amount of time. I reapply about every two hours. I reapply more frequently on sensitive parts of my skin. Effectiveness If you use it correctly, you will not get burned. You will also get a nice tan with it. Ease of Application It is incredibly easy to apply.



it's for me


I have always loved this product. i have dark skin and I suffered through skin cancer and this product is for me. I put coppertone sunscreen everytime i go out. I love the smell, the brand and how well it works. I have tried other sunscreens and always come back to coppertone. It's for me. I have to be careful since i suffered through skin cancer twice and I'm aware of what products are right for me. so i take coppertone everywhere with me because I know you must apply it as much as possbile. So I would recommend coppertone sunscreen not only does it work for all skin types but it also has a great smell. i never thought playing out in the sun that I needed to put on sunscreen but after realzing skin cancer affected me I had a wake up call and I have been careful ever since. Coppertone sunscreen good for all ages and I'm glad that this product is for all ages. Iwould say buythis product you will like the smell and how well it works.

Brooklyn, NY


This should be in a dump.


This is the worse sunscreen i have ever used!  I will never buy this again!  It is very greasy, it left my face looking like i put cooking oil on it, it has an unpleasant smell, it made my face break, it doesn't moisturize at all, and if you leave it in your car for 2 days and use it, nothing but oil will come pouring out into your hand and the lotion will look like cottage cheese.  This is the worse sunscreen ever!  Please do not buy this product.  It is just a waste of your money.  When you see this product, run the other way!

Memphis, TN


Great product, worth the money.


Coppertone has a great reputation and this product proves why.  My girlfriend bought this for me two summers ago and I still have some left.  It smells great, looks like a lotion and really protects my sensitive skin.  Who could ask for anything more?

Aiken, SC


Coppertone SPF 15 Sunscreen

3.6 5