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Copco Scrapbook Travel Mug Set

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Good idea but time to go back to the drawing board


I bought these mugs because I wanted to have pictures of my pug Ruby in there. It was supposed to be a very easy process to put picture in, but that turned out to be FALSE! I spent hours and hours trying and trying to stuff the pictures into the stupid mug until I just gave up and used their default pictures. Sooo lame. But the mugs work very well and keep my coffee hot, but I would rather look at Ruby than the stupid kid pictures they put in there. Maybe they should of hired a PROFESSIONAL to put in the pictures!!



Great in theory.


I was thrilled to find these shortly before Father's Day. I knew these would be such a hit for my husband. I mean, what a great concept. I could easily change pictures and update the mugs for him as the boys grew. Or so I thought. I would be able to change pictures if I were actually able to get the pictures in it in the first place. That's the problem. It is downright impossible. I was able to get the template piece of paper out of the mug. I used that template to cut out a nice piece background for the pictures. I took the time to go through pictures, upload them to my local retailer, drive there and pick them up, come home, cut the pictures out, place them on the background paper, and attempt to put back into the mug. It as if adding the pictures (thickness) makes it too thick to be inserted back into the inner part of the mug. I've tried 3 different pieces of paper (various thickness) and have yet to be able to get the darn thing in. So, it's great in theory...but it's just another disappointment.

Covington, GA


Copco Scrapbook Travel Mug Set

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