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Copco Harmony Quart Tea Kettle

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Sweet and stylish in my kitchen


Let's face it here, tea kettles aren't exactly high-tech kitchen appliances. I could (and have) just used a pot to boil water and really, that's all you need from a tea kettle. The nice thing about a tea kettle -- and this one in particular -- is that it looks nice (especially when serving guests), boils water faster than the pot would (being enclosed and all), and is fairly easy to clean out. Performance Boils quickly and keeps the water very hot for a decent length of time. Safety I really like the handle shape on the Copco Harmony 2 quart Kettle. It is easy to grip, doesn't strain my wrist while pouring (and I have weak wrists) and the slant helps to keep my hands away from the escaping steam. A good design feature. Ease of Cleaning I just use this mostly for boiling water, rather than brewing tea in the kettle (I prefer to use an actual tea pot for brewing), so it is a piece of cake to clean out on occasion and only when i get a little hard-water build-up. Design I love the handle design and I love how "short and squat" the body is. Heats quickly and is easy to pour.



Perfect 2 quart Tea Kettle


I love this teakettle. We use it for pretty much everything we need hot water for. The design is lightweight, the handle stays nice and cool to the touch, and the whistle can be heard without being too much. The handle has a push button that allows you to open the spout for easy pouring while holding the cup in the other hand. I found this easy to maneuver and it allows for fewer opportunities to burn your fingers. Before I got this tea kettle, I used to heat the water in the microwave. The water would boil and get everywhere, or it wouldn't heat to the right temperature. I don't have to worry about that anymore with this tea kettle. No more messes to clean up in the microwave. I just leave this on our stovetop for easy access, and the color matches perfect with our kitchen decor. One thing to watch for is high heat. The directions state to use over medium heat. I read reviews before purchasing this, and others have stated that it is due to the enamel paint chipping off. I have not experienced that, but I haven't used a setting higher than 6 on my stove for it either. All in all, it's a great addition to our kitchen. I love it.

Brownsburg, IN


nice teapot


I just got this not too long ago from a friend as a gift.  I wasn't too sure about a teapot, cause I have a microwave, but it's refreshing.  It's a nice change.  Very relaxing to have a cup of tea with a friend in the morning.  Just put the water in the kettle and go.

Hooppole, IL


No more burned fingers. Yay.


**The Verdict:** I like this squatty tea kettle and its stay cool handle and easy open spout. **Just the Facts:** In the wintertime I like to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate most every day.  And once a month I dye my hair using henna and Red Zinger tea.  So I get a lot of use from my tea kettle.  Unfortunately my previous cute little 4 cup tea kettle was cute but painful.  There was a plug in the spout that had to be removed from the spout before pouring and I was constantly burning my fingers.  In fact that little plug actually started to melt! So for Christmas this past year my brother took pity on me (he was probably tired of hearing me complain) and got me the **Copco Harmony 2 Quart Tea Kettle** and I'm loving it.  No more burned fingers! My Harmony is red enamel over stainless steel but it comes in several other colors like peacock blue, yellow, orange, and more.  The whistle thing that covers the spout whistles loudly enough for me to hear it in the living room but not so loud that I can hear it upstairs.  But the really great thing is that the stay cool handle has a lever on it which flips the whistle open for easy pouring with just one touch.  And the cool thing is that it locks into place so I don't have to hold the lever down.  It's the perfect tea kettle. The only issue is that the directions state that I should only heat the kettle over medium heat.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because high heat would damage the enamel or something.  I've been using it since a few days before Christmas and really like how fast it heats up, how cool the handle stays, and how convenient the lever on the handle is.  The cute squatty shape is kind of cute too.  **Closing Argument:** 4 stars - the only thing that bothers me is that it's a little too big for my needs and that I can't crank the heat up high.  But those are small issues considering that my fingers are no longer burned.

Annapolis, MD


Copco Harmony Quart Tea Kettle

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