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Cooper Vision
Cooper Vision Biofinity

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Biofinity dried my eyes out within 2 hours


I know it's different for everyone and for many this is a good contact. This is what my eye dr wears actually. But for me they were only good for about 1-2 hours and then they felt dry and no amount of drops or anything would help. I could not wear them longer than about 4 hrs while acuvue moist and trueye will go up to 16 hrs for me without trouble.

Southport, NC


I love Coopervision Biofinity!


I have been an Acuvue user for years, but my eyes felt dry and itchy a lot. I went to the eye doctor for a new prescription, and (once again, if you have read my reviews) she recommended Coopervision Biofinity due to the dry climate of Colorado. I decided to try them out, although my sperical measurement would have been off. I love them! My eyes can breathe. The whites of my eyes are white and not irritated. They are comfortable--most of the time, I do not even realize I'm wearing them. I can sleep in them, although I don't often. But it is nice to wake up, realize I forgot to take my lenses out, and not have red eyes for the rest of the day. I try not to sleep in them, but they are approved for it. My one complaint--they have a tendency to roll into the corner of my eye if I rub my eyes, but I had this issue worse with Acuvue Advance.

Brighton, CO


Love these contact lenses!


I was an Acuvue (2) lens wearer for almost 10 years.  Then I developed an allergy to whatever material they were made of and ended up getting pink eye over and over again.  I switched to wearing Acuvue 1 day lenses, but that was super expensive.  Last year I went back to my eye dr and cooper vision had a new product called Biofinity.  She told me she even wears them herself.  So I thought I would try them.  I was tired of paying so much for lenses and I missed being able to sleep in the lenses and being able to see the clock in the middle of the night!  I tried these (she said there was a different material in them even though there was some of whatever was in the Acuvue 2 lenses and hopefully I would be able to wear them) and voila!  I can sleep in them and haven't had any allergic reactions yet!  These are designed to be used for 4 weeks then thrown away.  Wear 6 days, one day rest for your eyes.  These are very comfortable to wear and pretty inexpensive.  Look around online and you can get them for a pretty good price and CV usually offers a rebate too.  Only thing that would make them better is to put some sort of mark on the lens so the user can easily check to see if they lens is right side out or inside out.  Overall I think these are great.

Reston, VA


Cooper Vision Biofinity

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