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Cooper Discoverer H-T Tires

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Great value tire for our SUV


We purchased a set of these tires for our 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. My husband always researches everything, especially high priced items so after reading numerous reviews and factoring price, we decided to purchases the Cooper Discoverer HT. We bought these online from Discount Tire Direct and had them installed at our local Wal-Mart. We live in Southern California, so we didn't really have to worry about snow traction. It rarely rains here, so we just needed something with a smooth ride that would last. The tires have a 60,000 mile warranty, which is longer than a lot of comparable tires. We don't go off-roading, or race down the freeway in our Pathfinder. This is our weekend family car and occasional pick up the kids from school or soccer vehicle. So for our purpose, these tires are great. We haven't really noticed much noise from them, seem to handle fine on our local streets, so we have no complaints. Our choices came down to these and the Yokohama Geolandars. These Coopers beat the Yokohamas except in looks, which isn't that much of a big deal.



Very Quiet Tires


These tires were purchased in an emergency when one of my tires split. The only open store had exactly one brand to fit my vehicle- These. So, I reluctantly took them, as I was hours from home. They turned out to be great tires. For the low price, I expected a harsh ride & loud tires. Nope! These are the quietest tires I have ever owned. They also provide a firm, yet yielding ride. They grip well on rain and pretty good on snow. (The reason for only 9 out of ten stars). Quick Get-Out-Of-The-Way maneuvers are well controlled. (Another name for the move is "Don't Text & Drive".) My only other downside to mention could be that for some reason they need a lot of huge wheel weights. Don't know why so many. Not much of a complaint, huh? After 18 months, the tread wear is minimal. I've lost just under 1/64". Also note that others I know with Coopers say they actually are very good about honoring their warranty, so your dealer will be more inclined to play nicely if you need service. Would I buy them again? Yes- Without hesitation.

Detroit, MI


Cooper Discoverer H-T Tires

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