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Cooper Discoverer A-T3 Tires

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I use these tires on both of my SUV's


Well now that it's getting into winter that is when the test of tires really begins, good or bad you really do not get a sense of how a product will work until you hit some ice, I use this particular brand of tire on my Chevy Tahoe and Ford Explorer. With these tires I have been able to have a good driving experience that allows me to think that both me and my child is safe, my son is my number one priority, I have seen tires gets ruined in all sorts of ways so I want my family to stay safe. In 2011 I was driving home when I hit a big patch of ice and my vehicle slid off the road in the worst spot in our area, 95% of vehicles that go of off in this area roll, I was very lucky that we did not roll and we landed safely. One thing I can say after everything was done and over is that our tires were still in great condition and held up very well to the friction after we started sliding. Cooper tires have been great tires for us and we put them on our new Tahoe, I believe this tire was a factor in our safety, and we will continue to keep using them.



Cooper Discoverer A-T3 Tires

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