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CoolTiles.com Joy

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I am a repeat customer to CoolTiles.com and really, really needed a few more tiles to complete a job. Paid $64 in shipping to ensure that a $50 order get here in time for the installation and they completely blew me off! The tile people are now gone, the 4 tiles I needed are now going to take ONE WEEK to get here, and all because they don't give a damn about the customer!  Their comment to me, "sorry about that, these things happen". Well never again to me from you people and it should be never again to any one else.  CONSUMERS PAY ATTENTION, YOU WORK TOO HARD TO HAVE COMPANY'S LIKE THIS NOT RESPECT YOUR ORDER ENOUGH TO MAKE SURE YOU GET IT WHEN YOU NEED IT.  They could have over nighted the tile to make up for their error but simply choose to say, ..."so do you just want to cancel it?", AND NOT: "WHAT CAN I DO TO GET THIS ORDER OUT TO YOU RIGHT AWAY".  BOTTOM LINE--SPEND YOU MONEY SOME WHERE ELSE!


Florence, MA


CoolTiles.com is awesome!


Recently when we did a mini-kitchen makeover, I couldn't find any tiles I liked locally, so I searched online and found CoolTiles.com.  They have an amazing selection and I was specifically looking for recycled glass tile ~ which they have alot of.  I chose the "Joy" pattern for our backsplash.  I have never tiled before this, but since it was a small project, I thought I'd give it a try.   They come in 12"x12" sheets on mesh backing and I ordered several.  The day they arrived, I installed them.  You can cut the mesh backing so you don't have to cut the actual tiles if you don't need to or you can put the whole sheet up at once.  Since that can be heavy, I cut them in 1/4's.  I glued them to the wall with Weldbond glue but shortly ran out of that and just used plain old Elmer's, which worked great.  After they dried the next day, I grouted it with a fine grout I bought at Michael's Arts & Crafts (I used a Sunday paper coupon).  It grouted beautifully.  It's been a couple of months now and they are still on the walls just fine.  Easy to wipe off and shiny as a snake's back.  It was very easy to do and for a first-time tile project, I think it turned out great.  I'll be going back to their website to pick some more recycled glass tile for the bathroom sidesplash.  This tile is made from recycled bottles and car windshields ~ a great "green" component.  I highly recommend it!


Ya'll, TX


CoolTiles.com Joy

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