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Cooks Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

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I can't believe they discontinued this model!


I love love love this rotary waffle maker. I use it for all sorts of recipes that i find online (non waffle related recipes I should mention) and this iron is used daily in my household. My son is autistic and a picky eater but he will generally try anything that comes out of the waffle maker with the 'mountains and valleys' we call them. This waffle maker has saved me such hassle in my daily life. The waffle iron also comes in other colors because we own the red model.


Selma, CA


The cooks Belgian waffle maker is awesome


I have always loved fresh belgian waffles so my mom got me this rotating waffle maker for Christmas last year. It wasn't too expensive and so far it has worked great. The nonstick surface of the waffle iron makes the waffles come out easily and is easy to clean. The iron is very easy to use and has adjustable heat based on how crispy you want your waffles to be. The rotating aspect makes your waffles cook pretty evenly. The pan on the bottom makes cleaning up spilled batter much easier. The only flaw this waffle iron has is that sometimes when you flip it the iron tilts slightly instead of staying flat but it doesn't really make much of a difference as far as the waffle is concerned. Overall I would highly recommend this waffle maker.


Pine Bluff, AR


Cooks Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker 2370


We recently replaced our ancient waffle maker with this model. My husband wanted a rotating one, and this seemed to be the most resonably priced one I could find in town that wasn't a super cheapy model. It heats quickly, cooks evenly with the help of the rotating handle to flip the waffles, has a twisty knob to adjust the heat (so no moreunder cooked waffles) and is super easy to use. The removable drip try is also a useful feature for easy clean-up. The only problem I have had is with waffles sometimes sticking, but I think this my be user error, and maybe I'm not oiling it enough. The manual is imformative and provides a number of yummy looking recipies that we are planning on trying and adapting in the future.


Lawrence, KS


Cooks Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

4.7 3