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Cook's Essentials
Cook's Essentials Pressure Cooker 782-6701

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Awesome little gadget!


I pretty much eat like a little kid with no parents around to tell them to eat better. It's bad. Thank goodness for my mother's genetics or I'd probably be as big as a house. Even though I have the worst sweet tooth in recorded history, I've been trying mo make myself eat healthier. My kids need to see my eating a good example so I'm working on it. I decided to get a pressure cooker to make cooking veggies more simple. Part of the reason I don't like cooking them is that I'm not always sure what to do exactly to make them taste good. This pressure cooker is fantastic. It comes with a book of recipes, for cooking novices like me. It's simple to operate. It cooks veggies really fast and they come out great every time. Design It's simple to operate and works well. I'm not pressure cooker engineer, but to me those two qualities add up to a great design! Durability I haven't had this machine long, but so far it seems to be really durable.


Southfield, MI


Cook's Essentials Pressure Cooker 782-6701

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