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Cook's Essentials
Cook's Essentials Bread Machine

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Warm fresh bread, anyone?


My wife's aunt gave me this machine because she knew I did a lot of cooking and baking. When I first received it I had my own doubts as to how well it would perform. I read the manuals that came with it thoroughly before attempting to use the product. My first try was a very simple very plain loaf of bread and the machine performed perfectly. I have since found time to experiment with different types of breads and all seem to come out well. I have to admit I do very often let the machine do the mixing and kneading and rising, then I remove the dough and place it in my own pans and bake in the oven. In the time that I have had this unit I have begun to use it more in this manner than in any other. I am very pleased with the way the machine operates, it always kneads the dough perfectly where as in my hands I tend to overwork the dough and it makes tough bread. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone wishing to own a bread maker. I would most assuredly buy another one if mine were to break down.



Pretty good bread machine.


I love my Cooks bread machine. (JC Penny brand) I ordered it online right after it came out, so I was a little cautious when purchasing due to my history with bread machines. I decided to try something simple for the first use. I made a french loaf one and one half pounds. I used the recipe that came with the book. I could have have made a better loaf of bread. It was excellent! The only problem I have found with this bread machine is on the larger loaves (Two pounds) it will not stir one corner. I have had to use a spatula and help it mix. I haven't figured out why I have this problem, but it is only on the large loaves. Every loaf I've made has come out nearly perfect other than that one problem. The recipies that come with the machine are great! I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a bread machine and is just starting out using one. It is a very simple easy to use device!

Fair Play, SC


Cook's Essentials Bread Machine

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