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Cooks Digital Deep Fryer

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Nice fryer


I received this deep fryer as a present and I really enjoy it. I use it almost once a week, mainly for frying meatballs, chicken wings, funnel cake, shrimp, and various vegetables like mushrooms and onion ring. The fryer is very easy to clean. Also, the time it takes me to fry something like mushrooms is very short, I just set the desired temperature and I do not know how the time goes by. In terms of the amount of oil that this fryer needs, I am pleased to report that it is very economical. Also, its non-stick surface is another advantage of owning this nice fryer. The length of the power cord is just right, and it allows me to move it to any side of the counter. It runs smoothly -- I have not had any issues with it since I started to use it. The size is just right for a family of four. This is one of the most useful kitchen appliances I have ever got. I would recommend this deep fryer.



Having this deep fryer really comes in handy for quick meals.


I had been searching for a quality, red deep fryer for quite some time to match the decor of my kitchen and finally found the Cooks brand that I purchased. I was very set on the type I was looking for because I wanted one that was safe and also easy to clean without being overly big and taking up too much counter space. I was very pleased when I found the Cooks deep fryer but of course the true test would be how it performed once I got it home. It looks nice sitting on my countertop and fits in great with my other red kitchen products. I must say that it works quite well and I use it almost daily. I love the fact that there is a built in timer and the plug in the back of it is one of those magnetic kind so there's never any fear of it getting knocked over by someone brushing up against it accidently. It's not at all hard to clean because it breaks down so everything except the heating element itself can go right into the dishwasher or even be washed by hand.

Augusta, GA


Cooks Digital Deep Fryer

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