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Cooks 10 Cup Coffeemaker

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Cook's 10 cup coffee maker leaks. Beware.


My old coffee pot went out so I was looking for a bargin.  I thought I found it but boy was I wrong.  When you pour the water into the coffee pot it leaks.  I don't care how careful you are about pouring there is always water on the cabinet after you have finished.  The coffee pot doesn't last very long either; so if you are in the market for always changing your coffee pots out, then this is the one.  Me personally, I prefer them lasting longer than a year.    

Plano, TX


The Cook's Essentials Coffee Maker is a top choice in my book.


The Cook's Essentials Coffee Maker is a top choice in my book. It is super easy to use, and makes a great cup of coffee. The only problem I've had with my coffee maker, is the locking mechanism for the filter/basket, which should be make somewhat stronger and durable. The machine is not quite as fast as some that are on the market, but is not so slow as to deter anyone from buying the coffee maker, in my opinion.  I've owned my coffee pot for several years now, and still use it almost every day.  I would strongly recommend this coffee maker to anyone who wants the ability to grind their own beans at home, and not have the hassle of buying and changing paper coffee filters.  This coffee maker has several functions that make it a great choice, such as the automatic function in which you can have everything ready to begin brewing before you are ready for your first cup.  If mine were to stop working today, I would have no problem replacing it with the same machine.

Virgie, KY


Cooks 10 Cup Coffeemaker

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