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Cooling Racks
Cooking Concepts
Cooking Concepts Metal Cooling Racks

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Cooling Racks keep me cool and collected while baking


I'm just one of those people that has a hard time substituting so when I moved and discovered I'd lost my cooling racks I was a mess (okay not really).  I went out and bought **Cooking Concepts Cooling Racks**.  There the perfect size for my small kitchen and counter-space but big enough to do a batch of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies on. These racks have just enough elevation to cool baked goods without fearing that they will collapse if the racks gets knocked.  They're easy to clean and I suggest use the spray attachment on your sink if you have one to rinse the wires.  They also store very easily and take up little space since they are flat and can squeeze in anywhere. I recommended **Cooking Concepts Cooling Racks** for any baker.

Downieville, CA


Cooking Concepts Metal Cooling Racks

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