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What a load of ...it!


Not even practial! The only good thing are the books recommendations for kids, because they're books you can find online or in-store at Barnes and Noble with member discount...but everything else...! And it's hard to find that only good thing in a sea of ads....and don't let me go over the rayon-poly-bag they sent me: kind of bad joke when they picture and recommend use **Prada bags as poopy-diaper carriers** instead of the diaper bag that the formula brand -the one you're feeding your baby with- gives to you when you leave the hospital......and good Lord! This month **they dressed up a** **8 years old** girl like she's an avid materialist shopaholic at 30-some (**with a Burberry raincoat that cost $360** and $62 rainboots), wich makes me think **they encourage materialism, frivolity and a twisted taste for "vintage** (the girl with the expensive raincoat wores a brooch of a kitten from a vintage thrift store) **-minimalist-abstract" **life style (that equals extremely expensive): what kind of baby or kid prefers an ugly doll that looks made from scratch -but even so, cost $150-, with no face ership, over the cute and traditional plush teddybear you can get at Wal-Mart for under $20??? Or chooses a decoration for his/her room like this one-> http://www.cookiemag.com/homefront/decor/2009/03/animal-print (thank good  we're old-fashioned with preference for blue-or-pink-or-green-walls in baby's room).As their own ads highlight: they're luxe things for people that has tons of money and the habit of luxury (like the cover people).


Houston, TX


All moms or moms to be Cookie is a MUST


I just received my first issue of COOKIE Magazine yesterday.  I love it!!  So many great articles for moms and moms to be!! It's a very classy, but cute mag.  I can't wait to tell all my mommy friends about it!  I read it from cover to cover, just couldn't put it down until every page was read!


Topeka, KS


A bit disappointed


This magazine sounded GREAT when I read the description so I subscribed and am very disappointed.  I have received three magazines so far and I have found there to be very few interesting articles in it.  The majority of the magizine is Advertisements only.


Bourbonnais, IL


Lots of fluff which can be fun, but little useful information.


This relatively new magazine is different in that its emphasis is on the finer products dealing with babies and kids.  The travel section is helpful with family ideas for different destinations.  However, I found little else that really grabbed my interest.  The fashions were gorgeous, but a little outrageous for kids.  Maybe if my children were younger (they're 5 and 7), I might have found more useful information in this magazine.  However, I did not find it beneficial to my family so I will not be renewing my subscription.


Marietta, GA


One of my favorite magazines.


This is my favorite parenting magazine - smart, funny, and beautiful to look at.  The stories are never the talking down to you, fear-mongering type that most parenting magazines love; they take into account that not only are you a mother, you're a person outside of that.  The recommendations are always spot-on - books, toys, and games that I can't wait to try; the recipes are easy and delicious, the advice is spot-on.  I know a lot of people are turned off by the fact that it seems to be written more for the wealthier, but I'm not wealthy at all and it fits my life!


Groton, CT


Cookie is not practical for the budget conscious mom.


I guess this review probably will be irrelevant because I just recently got a postcard in the mail that said that I would not be receiving any more issues of Cookie that they were replacing it with Glamour or something instead, but I need to write ten reviews, so here goes anyway... I was excited when I started getting Cookie.  I liked everything that was in it, and I enjoyed the articles.  But drooling over things that you cannot have gets old after awhile.  Most of the clothing, toys, etc.  were things that I could see a Hollywood mom being in to.  As a stay-at-home mom married to a youth pastor, we cannot afford to buy our kids outfits that cost $40-100 a piece.  Everything in the magazine was designer! I like most other people I know these days are interested in budget friendly content that is actually attainable! My favorite article from the magazine was about Jon Stewart's wife and her restaurant/playroom in NY.  


Abingdon, MD


If you relate to Posh this is for you


I subscribed to Cookie magazine because it was advertised in a Girl Scout fundraiser.  I thought it sounded intriguing.  After I received the first magazine I started recycling them the instant I received a new one.  For the average mom the ads and most things suggested in the articles are not truly affordable.  Most moms I know are looking to pay the bills and go on a nice vacation that doesn't cost the suggested deal of $10,000.  I confess that I have not read many of the articles, but after reading the key to saving my marriage was more sex and most recently that some woman and I quote "was a sh.....y wife" because she refused her husband I was truly appalled.   Do I really need to read this?  I'm pretty sure that most moms would agree to have any foul language in print where my children could see it is not the magazine for me.


Brooklyn, NY


Short read if you can find the 5 pages of articles in the ads


I pitched in the $13 for the first year to be a "charter subscriber" to this "new, hip" magazine. The "free bag" drew me in as well as the claim for "new, upscale information". The bag was the cheapest free magazine gift I ever recieved, a tiny piece of nylon crap. Humorous when the magazine touts such expensive, high quality products. I figured the magazine would be something different than the usual "Parents" and "Parenting" magazines I'm always reading. I was very dissappointed in how little information was actually in this magazine. I am estimating there was maybe 30 pages of articles and information in about 150 pages of magazine, and thats estimating high for the useful pages. Nearly the entire magazine was filled with extremely overpriced products and clothing for kids. And even their "affordable" vacations were always in the multiple thousand dollar price range. I loved that every suggested vacation came complete with on site daycare. Why not just leave the kids at home if you don't want to be with them on the vacation. Made no sense to me. The only part of this magazine I enjoyed were the 4 or five Cookie Facts scattered through the first section of the magazine, and they were not worth the subscription price. I can't believe anyone would find this magazine useful. On the positive side, since there were only about 4 articles in the entire magazine, it took only about 5-10 minutes to page through it and read the supposedly good stuff. This magazine might be good for people with unlimited income and a need to keep up with the Joneses, but it's not for the average American family living on any type of a budget. Don't waste your money on this magazine. Oh, one other kind of cute feature, they always ended the magazine with a picture and a story behind it. Kind of cute and sentimental, kind of cheesy, but sadly, one of the highlights for me. Once again, doesn't say much for the magazine's quality.  


Farmington, MN


NOT for me....


I got this magazine subscription for free, and I am glad I did not pay money out for it.  It is really hard to see the articles in between the millions of ads, and the way the magazine is produced, everything looks the same in it, therefore I usually thumb right over any useful info.  Everything is also geared for high income families.  Toddler beds for $1100 and a onesie for $67?  Yeah right!  lol  I loved the article 10 affordable way to make over your family room - the total for their make-over was around $5000!  Ummm not affordable in my book!  Even the recipes featured in the magazine are ritzy high end recipes.  This magazine is definitely not for me.


Stevensville, MI


The worst magazine I've ever seen


This magazine claims its "All the Best For Your Family". However, it is quite the contrary. Its everything but best for the family. It promotes materialism and demotes family values. It simply, encourages families to waste money & to live like "Liya Kebede (Feb 2008 issue) model mother, fashion designer, and philanthropist". Thank you, but I don't want to live or dress like her or her like. This is why I unsubscribed to this stupid and useless "magazine".


Rolla, MO



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