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Cook Supreme
Cook Supreme Electric Skillet  12 X 15

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Not as good as I had hoped


This skillet was one that I took a chance on. I settled for buying this even though it was not deep enough for my preference. I decided to give it a try and hoped I could work with this skillet. It turns out that the skillet did cook the types of food I make, but after several times of cooking the inside of this cooker started to flake off. At first I was not sure what the problem was and then I realized the teflon coating was actually coming off and getting into my food. I have always been very careful when cleaning and using the proper utensils, so that I never scratched the interior. Unfortunately, even with the careful upkeep could not keep the interior coating from coming off. I would have kept this skillet, if it were not for the problem interior coating, even though it was annoyingly shallow, but once the flakes started to happen, I had to stop using it. I cannot recommend this product, because I feel it has a safety issue for toxins in the food.

Trenton, NJ


Easy casseroles


We love this skillet for making easy one-pot casseroles as well as a whole tray of enchiladas. SO much easier than cooking any of this stuff on the stove top or heating up the whole house by using the oven. This is more practical, takes up a minimal amount of space, has a clear cover that allows you to monitor it easily, and is just an overall helpful appliance to have in your kitchen if you like one-pot meals or tend to make a lot of casseroles. Performance We've had no problems with it. Temperature stays steady. Adjustments are easy. Temperature controls are easy to use. We find it doesn't take any more time than using your oven, and in the summertime you at least aren't heating up your entire house. Durability Be careful with the glass lid. The rest of the unit is good and doesn't give us any problems. It's lasting a long time. We're having fun using it. Ease of Cleaning Washing gently with a soapy sponge. Cleans up easily.



Cook Supreme Electric Skillet 12 X 15

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