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Continental Platinum
Continental Platinum Muliticooker Deep Fryer

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One Appliance that does the work of 4.


Tje Continental Platinum Deep Fryer Mutlicooker does the work of four other machine in one machine.  The electrical plug is magnetized and has prongs to hold it on. You can deep fry in it and it comes with it and comes with a removable handle so the lid can be put on the fryer while food is cooking to contain splatters and grease popping out and burning anyone. It can be used for Stewing. Just add water to the pot and add meat and vegtables and cover it until the desired tenderness is achieved. It comes with a steamer rack so that foods can be steamed in it. It is a great way to cook a turkey breast if you want alot of juice with it so that you can make soup in the same pot or a less greasy way to cook a turkey or even a chicken to cut back on calories. Clean up is very easy. All you have to use is a cloth, hot water and washing liquid. But the cooker can not be emersed in water because of the electrical parts.

Murfreesboro, AR


Continental Platinum Muliticooker Deep Fryer

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