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Continental Electrics
Continental Electrics 7-Speed Hand Mixer

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Very Unhappy


After using the mixer only once to mix cake batter, the second time I went to use it the mechanism that holds the beater in place was loose and would not hold the beater.

Ann Arbor MI


Wonderful mixer


This product is outstanding. I use it for making desserts like tiramisu, and cookies. I love the various speeds that it has and the ease of operation. I also use it to mix up my protein drinks. I make my drinks with raw egg, half and half and protein powder and this mixer cuts right through and makes them creamy and delicious.



Continental 7 Speed Hand Mixer


This Continental CE22811 Hand Mixer is an inexpensive mixer for your kitchen. The mixer has 7 speeds and 150 watt motor. It has the basic full size chrome beaters and additional dough hooks are included. I am giving the mixer an average review because of several reasons. It is powerful enough, but actually so powerful that even on the speed of 1, it will splatter ingredients everywhere unless they are placed in a very large bowl. The ejection button for the beaters is very cumbersome and it takes many attempts to eject the beaters. This can be very frustrating. The mixer has a heel rest, but it is worthless. The mixer will not stand upright on its own. That is an inconvenience when stopping to scrape the bowl down or adding ingredients. Overall, it is an average inexpensive mixer that will do the job. It has a one year limited warranty.

Irwin, PA


Does the job, for a little.


I love a great handmixer because I used to always mix things by hand with a fork. I was excited to receieve this hand mixer as a gift. At first, it worked great and did a wonderful job. Everything was mixed nicely and it was easy to use. If fits nicely in your hand and you can move it around in a bowl really easily. It has good power...until it starts to smell like something is burning. The problem I had with this mixer is that I think I was trying to mix something that was a little too thick for what the mixer was meant for. It only took approximately two minutes of mixing the thick substance for it to completely die. It wouldn't start up again and it was dead. I'm not sure if I was asking too much of it for it to mix the batter, but I feel that it just needed some more power to be able to push past the first mixture until it got smooth enough to work with. I probably would buy another mixer with more different types of speed and power.

Binghamton, NY


A Very Handy Little Mixer


I haver never felt the need for a large stand mixer for my kitchen.They are dust catchers, they take up space and they are for people who do a lot of heavy duty mixing. Consequently, I have had a succession of small, hand mixers that more then adequately fulfill     all my mixing needs. The latest hand mixer I acquired is the CEM Global CR22811 150 watt mixer by Continental. Unlike some hand mixers it is lightweight because it is made of a heavy-duty polimer; not metal. It has seven speeds and a handy ejection button for easy beater removal. It will whip up cakes, puddings and meringues in no time. It is not too sturdy, so don't drop it on the floor or it might fly apart. Don't immerse it in water or the electronics will be ruined. Keep away from children, for there is danger of electrical shock. It fits easily in a kitchen drawer for it hardly takes up any room. I am very happy with the CEM Global CE 22811 Continental hand mixer and I am sure you will be also.

Cowen, WV


Continental Electrics 7-Speed Hand Mixer

3.0 5