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Contigo Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Carabiner Clip

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Contigo Stainless Steel Tumbler


I love the Contigo stainless steel tumbler. I have had mine for many years and it is still like new. The carabiner is nice to have so you can hook it onto your book bag, or backpack. We have gone on many hikes and taken along the Contigo mug. It attached to the backpack and held enough water to keep us hydrated for a couple hour hike. It keeps drinks hot for hours after it is filled. It also keeps drinks cool for hours. The Contigo tumbler is very versatile. I mostly use it at home but it is also great for traveling. It keeps drinks hot or cold and you don't have to worry about it spilling in the car. The Contigo mug is very easy to hold. It has a good shape that makes it easy to grab and hold onto. I have had many mugs that are awkward in my hand and slip out. The design and shape of the mug are good. This mug is good for all family members. From the person on the go, the college student, and the office worker.



The Contigo Vacuum Insulated Tumbler keeps my coffee very hot!


The Contigo Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Carabiner Clip is a very well designed and well built travel mug... though I use it mostly around the house. The most important feature for me is keeping my coffee hot. I like iced coffee as much as the next person, and I have been know to drink lukewarm coffee as well. OK, I will not turn down any cup of coffee regardless of the temperature, but I prefer it as hot as possible. This mug gets that job done. I can pour a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee and not worry that it will be cold in a few short minutes. The lid style aids in this task. It screws down tight, and the sipping hole is sealed with an interesting pull-tab that plugs the hole with a rubber seal. This is supposed to be spill proof, but my car floor mats will say otherwise... if this mugs falls, it will leak. But it does keep my coffee hot. The one downside to this pull-tab is the plastic it is made of... it is beginning to break, and I will be forced to build an aluminum replacement. It simply does not hold up to daily use. The carabiner may seem like a gimmick at first, but has actually proven quite useful. When I do travel, I pack a single backpack stuffed completely full of everything I need. I simply have no room in my bag for a mug, but I obviously need it. Normally I would use a strap or a large carbiner through the handle, but the built-in carabiner does away with that needed nonsense. I just clip the mug to a loop on the exterior of my bag and off I go, secure in the knowledge that my coffee will stay hot. The shape should accommodate most cup holders, I say most because my 2000 Honda civic is not one of them. It sits fine but loosely causing it to tip when I make turns. This is not really a problem with the mug, but the base is uneven and that does not help. They put rubber on the base, which is great... but it sits slightly unevenly and wobbles. I love this mug, it works great. The small issues are outweighed by how hot it keeps my coffee. I may seem obsessed with the temperature of my coffee but stupid lawsuits have made it very difficult to get a decent cup of java. To this day, I remember the most excellent cup of coffee I have had, it was a little place stuffed into a small shop in the diamond district in New York City. That cup of coffee was so hot that I was grabbing those annoying brochures that people stuff in tourist's faces just to wrap around the paper cup... and it already had 2 heat sleeves on it! Now that was a cup of coffee. I digress. This Contigo mug is fantastic.

Garland, TX


Contigo Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Carabiner Clip

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