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Excellent Service !!!


I was recommended to this web store by my sister. I have been buying products from contactlensxchange for approximately 3 years now. Since then I have been ordering from them regularly and all my lenses were shipped out on a timely manner without any problem. Their shipping time (although it takes a while if you are from overseas) is reliable and trustworthy. They will provide you a tracking number so that you will know once your order is safely in your country. They have a friendly and responsive customer service support if you have any enquiry. The administrators and staff will always answer your enquiry promptly. Their website is well-maintained and easy to navigate. I have never had any problems with contactlensxchange. Everything that I have ever received was secure and always in great condition. Shipping might takes a while if you ordered it during the Year end festive season. But it's DEFINITELY worth the wait !!! Their cosmetic lenses are spectacular, high quality and authentic and I always feel excited when I receive them in the mail. There was no hassle in the ordering process and most importantly, the cosmetic lens is AUTHENTIC and it looks terrific on me ! Everything in regards to doing business with this company have been easy. I felt my needs are very well cared for by them.




Purchase contacts elsewhere


I thought I was getting a great deal on contacts by purchasing them here. I definitely was worried at first that the contacts I purchased wouldn't even ship to me but I decided to wing it. Well they did ship but they only ship three at a time instead of the full six which in turn makes you end up spending way more money and you would probably spend less even at the eye doctors! This site is totally a scam. They make you think that you are saving money when in reality you are spending more money. Your better off using 1-800-contacts or another site. The only thing good about this site is they offer a wide variety of different contact brands and that was what initially attracted me. My specific brand cannot be found on a lot of the discount eye wear websites. I would bite the bullet and use another site before you end up spending more than you should. Do some more research before wasting your money!


Oxford, CT


pay for convenience


I know there are mixed reviews for ContactLensXChange.com, but I don't have too many complaints. If you take your time and scour the website and really browse and search before actually making a purchase, you won't pay for one thing and receive another as some people have mentioned. The product descriptions are very clear and if you have worn contact lenses for some time it is fairly simple to get on this website and order some contact lenses at a great price. You do have to read the fine print thoroughly though so you know little facts like no returns or refunds on shipped items unless you are shipped the wrong items. They carry all the leading brands and brands I've never even heard of or tried. I have ordered both weekly disposable and color contacts and have no complaints about the quantity I received or the product itself. I have never had to contact customer service, which to me is a good sign. A major plus is they accept Paypal. I recommend the website to anyone willing to invest a little time in searching the website and then saving money on contact lenses.




Not a good deal - be careful!


I wish I had read one of the previous reviews before ordering my contacts from this company. I thought i was getting a decent price, but in fact I paid much, much more for my lenses than if I had ordered from an American company... The boxes of AirOptix Multifocal (not sure about others, but it's probably the same) shipped by this company only have 3 contacts rather than 6. Although I see now that it does state this on their website, I have been ordering contacts for YEARS and they always come in boxes of 6 so I never thought to look at quantity. So the $20 I thought I was saving on a year's supply of contacts turned out to be me paying nearly twice as much. Also it took over 2 weeks to receive for the pleasure of overpaying. I cannot send them back, even if they have not been opened. UGH. Buyer beware!


Freedom, NH


Best colored contact webstore


This is a great place to order your colored contact lenses . They provide a good range of color lenses like freshkon color fusion , freshlook colorblends, GEO circle lenses , 1-day acuvue define and many more... you should check it out , no regret : )


New York, NY


Only ship 3 contacts per box instead of 6 so not cheaper


Ok, so they really do ship the product. The product is what they say it is. However, they are supposed to be a bargain, right? Wrong. They are a little cheaper than American sellers at first glance but then you notice they ship only 3 contacts per eye instead of the usual 6 that you get per eye in America. So you are actually paying MORE for the contacts than you would if you ordered them in America. So you are kind of getting ripped off. So you're paying more per contact and you are waiting an extra week to get them shipped. So, just be aware of this. It appears to be a bargain but it is not.


Hinesville, GA


i love this webstore


i am always hesitate to order my contact lens online as i am afraid of the quality of the lens . however after my best friends stronge recommendation, i had decided to give it a go and to my surprised it is not too bad, infact i was very impress by contactlensxchange professionalism in handling my order that i too, recommended to other of my friends. Their product is genuine and the delivery is always prompt without any difficulty . I particularly like the wide range of colored contact lenses that they have , it is great to have them on and i got alot of attention from that too You should try them and you will love it too ;)


New York, NY



3.4 7