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Concord Foods
Concord Foods - Smoothie Mix

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Expensive Sugar


If you carefully search the site for ingredients - surprise - you will search in vain as I did! That is because Concord is run (on the evidence) by "smoothe" marketing types who are interested in generating revenues. Read the one other review written to date - he arrives at the same conclusion. The approach to adding "sugar" to fruit to make the Smoothie is, well, smoothe, but it would have been nice if they had added a little fiber to cushion the jolt your blood glucose level will receive!

Salt Lake City, UT


Concord Foods Smoothie: Convenient Empty Calories


My daughter is always rushed in the morning regardless of how much time she has to prepare, so we're always looking for quick breakfast items that have nutritional value. About a year or two ago we began preparing fruit smoothies from scratch. We started with some fresh fruits such as strawberries, bananas, blueberries or mangos, added fresh yogurt, rolled oats, some granola, Splenda, ice and blended it for about a minute and created a really nice, fresh, healthy smoothie that was relatively low in calories and high in fiber. But somewhere along the line we got out of the habit of doing this. Back to cold cereals, frozen waffles and the like. About a month ago, my wife and daughter discovered Concord Foods Smootie mix at the supermarket and brought it home. The product comes in many fruit flavors and is a powdered mix that when added to fruit, milk and ice can be blended into a pretty good tasting smoothie. Each foiled package contains 1.8 oz of mix and will make 3 8 oz servings. I have to admit, it is pretty convenient. **But then there are the ingredients** After making a few smoothies, I looked at the ingredient list. Concord Foods Smoothie is virtually all sugar and corn syrup solids. There's a bit of whey, some natural and artificial flavors and xanthan gum. Not a gram of fiber to be found. **My Viewpoint** Okay, it tastes pretty good and it's not going to kill you, but this mix doesn't bring any nutrition to the party. I'd recommend making your smoothies from scratch as described earlier in the review. There's little other than empty calories in this mix. Rudi

Boca Raton, FL


Concord Foods - Smoothie Mix

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