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Conair Weight Watchers Digital Bathroom Scale

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Awesome scale


I've had this unit for over 12 years, and still works accurately. For those people who gave bad reviews, I bet they were taking their measurements with the scale that was on carpet. ALL SCALES NEED TO BE PLACED ON A HARD SURFACE FOR ACCURATE READINGS. (Please read directions)



Conair Weight Watchers digital bathroom scale.


Worse scale I have ever purchased. Not a quality product. Performance This scale is a piece of junk. It is not accurate from one measure to the next. Inferior product. Durability This scale broke in the first month after I purchaseed it. Design Attractive design and sleek in appearance. Ease of Use Easy to use if you want a good guess of your current weight. Accuracy Measures differently from one measure to the next mere seconds apart.



Better ones out there


This scale worked great when we first purchased this. I got it after I had my son and was trying to loose a few extra pounds and my husband bodybulids so we thought it would be a good scale it lets you know your body fat precentage you can enter your height and age. I was working great for maybe a year. I don;t know if it got messed up b.c we were moving a lot but I do have to agree with the other lady that reviewed this as well there are better scales out there for the same price or better. We are having the problems where you can step on the scale over and over and it wil never read the same weight. Sometimes I'm 5 lbs heavier and sometimes I'm 5 lbs lighter. Its not a realiable scale at all. I don;t know if the pads on the bottom are uneven but we have to move it around bc sometime it doesn;t read it at all. Its very annoying when you just want to get your wait and you can;t. We need a new battery in it but don;t want to spend the money to replace it so just looking to buy a diffrent scale. The battery did seem to last awhile I'd say 3 yrs.

Lakeland, FL


Conair Weight Watchers Bathroom Scale #WW38GD is mediocre


The Conair Weight Watchers Bathroom Scale #WW38GD is not the best scale out there. My mom got it back when she was on Weight Watchers because it was recommended, but over the past couple of years we have found that it does not give a very accurate weight measurement. If you step on it several times in a row you can get a different measurement each time, sometimes with 5 pound difference! When I am tracking my weight I want to know if it is going in the right direction, and I do not feel like I can trust what this scale is telling me. Also, to turn it on you have to tap it with your foot and then wait for it to zero out before you may step on it for your weight measurement. It can be annoying to have to wait. It does have some nice features including an easy-to-read blue backlit number readout with large numbers. And it looks very sleek. The scale has a strong piece of 10mm thick glass on the top with nice brush steel-looking plastic and metal features that make it very attractive. It has the options of weight measurement in pounds or kilograms and it can also read measurements up to 400 lbs. The thing is, many of these features can be found on other scales now that work much better and cost about the same.

Salinas, CA


Conair Weight Watchers Digital Bathroom Scale

3.0 4