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Conair Vagabond 1875 Watt Folding Hair Dryer

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Conair Vagabond 1875 Watt Folding Hair Dryer is really good!


First off, I love how this looks. I just love the general style of it. It's very modern, chic and still cute. It's very comfortable in your hand. It's not too huge that it's hard to hold on to, but it's also not so small and wobbly that it isn't gonna be heavy duty and get the job done. I have really, really long hair, and so It takes a long time to dry with hair dryer's usually. This one blows very fast, which is nice. It's easy to use with brushes or combs too. I like the different settings on this too. That way you can control whats going on. And it's your hair so you have the right to do what you want with it, and do what it needs. Some driers your hair will get tangled in the back of it really easily, and this one didn't do that. Plus, when you use it the whole thing doesn't get really warm, or burning hot, like osme others I have used over the years. This isn't super expensive, like it's not more than usual prices for these types of things, everything is expensive, but this is more expensive than others. I like the attachments it came with too. It has a straight shoot, and a diffuser. The diffuser works great and the straight shoot does too. I really like this, great product!

Hamlet, IN


Conair Vagabond is Good for Home & Travel


Conair Vagabond 1875 Watt Folding Hair Dryer is a well balanced combination of price, portability and practicallity. You can normally find it in most department stores and it is in the lowest price bracket. What I enjoy the most about this small appliance is the fact that it is powerful enough for daily usage yet it can be taken on the road. As someone who travels often domestically and internationally this is very important. I must mention that when using my world adapter this device works like a charm. It dries my long thick hair quickly and it is responsive. For those with arthritis it is important to have a dryer that is not heavy. This dryer does the trick by offering a light and ergonomic solution to hair drying.****

Mckinney, TX


Conair Vagabond a great deal!


I had a conair blowdyer since I started blowdrying my hair..when mine finally died(had it since highschool(Im aging myself..lol) I of course wanted anothe conair,I like this one because its small enough to take anywhere in your purse,luggage(is that still allowed?) or an overnight case,The secret is to always clean the filter where the air is sucked in..it prevents over heating and if done on a reg basis (unplug it of course) it will last a very very long time. Fits nicely on my vanity table and even the bathroom sink(again umplug it..lol) The Vagabound is very quiet compared to other blow dryers..doesnt sound like a wind tunnel

Pawcatuck, CT


I love my conair hair dryer never leave home without it.


I love my conair hair dryer never home without it.  The cord is great no more draging or wrapping it around the handle.  Love the heat setting are great and the attachments fits the nozzle.  The best thing about my hair dryer is the folding handle and I might add the color purple very pretty.

Newark, NJ


Conair Vagabond 1875 Watt Folding Hair Dryer

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