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Conair Turbo Dryer 1875W

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best hair dryer I have ever had


Fastest and best hairdryer I have ever used! I love my Conair hairdryer and have honestly told all of my family and friends that need a new one to try and find this one. The turbo dry option is honestly what I almost always use, I am typically in a hurry to get ready and need to get my hair dry as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have thick hair that is down past my shoulders and have found that with my old hair dryer it would take close to 12-15 minutes to get it decently dry. Boy was I surprised when I first used my hairdryer that my hair was dry in half the time. With the turbo option and high heat going on average it takes me only 6-8 minutes for my hair to be completely dry! The hairdryer is honestly pretty light and not awkward to handle like some I have had previously. My only complaint about the hairdryer is that I do not like that the cord isn't retractable and personally for me the cord isn't as long as I would like for it to be. Other than that I couldn't imagine using another hairdryer now!


Lexington, KY


Conair Turbo Dryer 1875W is a fantastic!


My husband got me this hairdryer about 2 years ago when my old one bit the dust. I was skeptical, as he paid more for it than what I would normally like to pay. The dryer has different speed settings as well as temperature settings, it also has an ion switch that you can turn on if you want. The back of the dryer screen pops open for easier cleaning. My favorite thing about this hair dryer is the power that it has. I have very long, thick, curly hair and it is hard for me to get my hair dry with most dryers. I do not have that problem with this one, so the power is a huge plus. I appreciate the temperature settings also. I love the high heat option, and really wouldn't use anything else, but when I use this dryer for my children, it's nice to be able to move it down to a lower setting that is more comfortable with them. I do have more trouble with my hair getting stick in the back dryer vent/screen. It's not awful and it doesn't happen every time, but it does happen more often than it did with my last dryer. I don't think this would be a problem with shorter hair. Overall, I think this is a great hair dryer and am glad to have it!


Portland, TN


Just an OK Hair Dryer


I gave the Supermax hair dryer by Conair three stars because it is really just an average hair dryer that is very basic. While it does get the job done, I prefer a hair dryer with a few more options. This hair dyer just has the basic settings: High, Low, off, also has a cool button but you have to hold it in the whole time to make it work and it actually starts blowing out cold air . I prefer to have a dryer with some more heat options so you are not burning your head and then freezing it. All this dryer needs to make it a five star is a medium heat setting and I would love it! It is a pretty powerful dryer and I have fine, thin medium length hair so it doesn't take long for me to dry my hair. It is light weight which is a really big plus. Also comes in a nice shade of blue so it looks nice too! All in all considering the price it is not a bad buy but my next hair dryer will definitely have a medium heat setting!




Great hair dryer for medium hair & average use


I used the Conair 1875watt Turbo hairdryer for about five years and loved it.  I have medium weight & length hair and generally blow dry it in the winter and this model was perfect for me.  It was fairly efficient at drying my hair and I didn't notice significant damage as a result of the heat.  It has a button that allows you to use cool air, which is a plus when it is already hot & humid out.  The drawback of the button is that you have to hold it in for it to work.  This model came with a diffuser but I don't know that I ever really used it.  It would keep it from blowing your hand around a ton.  The air intake in the back had a cap that you could take off and easily clean out the fuzz to keep it from building up and letting it be more efficient.  I was disappointed when the hair dryer stopped working (the test button on the plug wouldn't pop back out when I hit reset and from what I read online it is unsafe to use after that).  I tried to buy a comparable replacement, but haven't liked the new one as well.


Greer, SC


Conair Turbo Dryer 1875W

4.3 4