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Conair Scunci Smooth and Straighten Hair Brush

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i LOVE this brush!!!


a couple of weeks ago i won the Conair smooth & straighten hairbrush in a sweepstakes, and i LOVE it!!! i have very long hair so i am constantly needing to brush it and am very particular about my hairbrushes.I dont like hard plastic bristles as they hurt, yet the soft bristle brushes i use take forever to detangle my hair. The Conair is AMAZING!! although it has firm bristles in between the soft bristles, it does not hurt my scalp at all. It glides through my hair easily, and never tangles it up. since using it my hair has been much softer and shinier, and i have had people comment on how good it looks. i honesly expected it to be not a lot different than other brushes, after all its only a hair brush, but i was very wrong. the bristle structure is not much different, but somehow this brush manages to soften and shine my hair. i have also noticed alot less damage since using the Conair, and my hair is looking much healthier without split ends appearing so often.

Kokomo, IN


Great Hair Brush


I love using the Conair Scunci Smooth and Straighten Hair Brush. I have long relatively thick hair and brushing my hair can be a long, hard process, Sometimes it can even be painful when other brushes are difficult to use and pulls on your hair. The Conair Hair Brush is exactly what it claims to be. It straightens and smooths your hair without making it frizzy and puffier than it already is, all with minimal pain. Normally, other brushes can add more volume and make my hair fell really static. This brush doesn't do that although i am not sure if it is only due to my old brush. Also, this brush has a soft handle and the bristles are smooth with cushioning so that it doesn't hurt or scratch your scalp in the wrong way. I have tried other brushes and they are also very good so this is not the only brush that could provide you with the same results. I believe it just depends on the specific person and their needs and not so much as what brush is "good" or "bad". 

Endicott, NY


My hair loves my Conair Smooth and Straight


 I have thick hair and lots of it, so I typically had used a comb to brush my hair.  Most brushes always made my hair bigger or frizzy.  The last thing I needed was bigger hair.  Then along came the **Conair Scunci Smooth and Straighten Hair Brush**.  No longer did my hair have a love/hate relationship with being brushed. The best thing about the **Conair Smooth and Straighten** is just what the title says, it smooths and straightens without the frizz or big hair.  It doesn't feel like you have a bolt of lightning going through your hair with each brush stroke.  The **Conair Smooth and Straighten** has antimicrobial product protection to be cleaner and fresher always.  This keeps the brush lasting longer by protecting it from bacteria and helps stop odors (probably both from oily hair or other hair products one might use).  The **Conair Smooth and Straighten** has a cushion brush which seems like it has more give with the bristles instead of hard back brushes, but still gets down to the bottom layers. The **Conair Scunci Smooth and Straighten Hair Brush** loves my hair, and my hair loves it back!

Downieville, CA


Conair Scunci Smooth and Straighten Hair Brush

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