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Conair Satiny Smooth Electric Shaver

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Best Electric Razor Ever


Hello, everyone. I'm writing about the best razor I've ever used. It is the Conair Satinly Smooth Electric Razor. You can use it dry or in the shower. I have never used it in the shower, but I love it when used dry. I'm sure if using it dry is so great, it must be as good when using it wet. I was told by my Doctor not to use a regular razor, so I wouldn't cut myself. I have lymphadema, and I have a greater chance to get severe infections, if I get cut or I have a soar from something. It is so easy to clean. It has a rechargeable base. The razor's battery will stay charged for about sixteen hours. It is great for legs, underarms, or where ever you want to shave. It has a seperate piece that lifts the hair so you can get a better and closer shave. It is very durable. I have dropped it several times, and it keeps working. You don't need to keep going over and over the same area like you have to with some of the other electric razors I've tried. This razor gets what your going after. If you bought one you will not be disapointed.

Toledo, OH


Conair Satiny Smooth Electric Shaver

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