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Conair Ion Shine Dryer 1875 Wt Ceramic Red

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Love Love Love!


I love how quick and evenly it dries my hair! would buy this over and over again without second guessing it!

Lenoir, NC


One trooper of a hair dryer!


I have had my Conair ion shine blow drier for over 2 years...2 YEARS!!! That's an incredibly long life span for a hair dryer...at least according to my experience, and I have been through a lot of dryers in my short lifetime. And on top of it all, it is still going strong, I use it every day (that is, 7 times a week), and every now and then it gets additional abuse from a project my husband conscripts it for...its definately a real trooper of a hair dryer. I didn't buy it knowing this but would probably not even try another brand or dryer because of my experience with it. It has a protective cover on the front to keep from drying your hair out excessively and it never frizzes my hair, like many a blow dryer in the past had and which I thought was a hair problem, not a product issue. It blows strong but besides its regular setting it also has a low, and a cold air option. I highly recommend it to absoluly anyone and can't understand why anyone would settle for anything else?!?! :)

Fort Worth, TX


Conair Ion Shine Dryer: Good dryer for all family members


Having long lived in a household dominated by females, I'm used to looking at a vanity that has all manner of brushes, flat irons and miscellaneous styling doo-dads atop it. I don't dare touch one of the brushes, since of course whichever I choose is bound to be someone else's "special brush".  Interestingly, this sometimes even applies to brushes that I've purchased.  Somehow they get co-opted by my girls. The one hair care item that at least for the present that I have equal claim on is the **Conair Ion Shine 1875 Watt Ceramic Red Dryer.** Now I'll admit, being a typical male, my requirements and expectations of a dryer are pretty modest.  Dry my hair quickly; don't deafen me; and give me enough heat control that I don't scald my scalp.  Oh yeah, one more.  Last at least a couple of years.  **Conair Ion Shine 1875 Watt Ceramic Red Dryer** It seems that the **Conair Ion Shine 1875 Watt Ceramic Red Dryer **satisfies all of my needs.  The 1875 Watts give it both power and air velocity as well as heat production.  I like that in addition to offering both a high and low setting it also allows me to alter the heat output from cool to warm and on to hot.  Having relatively short hair I usually opt for the warm setting.  This dryer contains a ceramic shield to protect hair from becoming heat damaged.  Does it work?  I haven't a clue. A nice feature is the cool button conveniently located above the regular heat settings.  When my hair is dry and I'm brushing it into place a momentary burst of cool air seems to tame my hair down and allows it to fall neatly into place. The girls here also like the Turbo setting that temporarily boosts the air output allowing them to dry their long hair in a much shorter time.  Considering that this dryer is on the hefty side (about 3 lbs), this is a big plus. **My Viewpoint** As I stated earlier in this  review, my requirements of a hair blower are modest.  But this dryer seems to even meet the much greater requirements of the Xeno women.  Oh, and it's lasted for almost 2 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Boca Raton, FL


Great Hairdryer


The Conair Ion Shine Dryer (red) is a great hairdryer. Probably the best one I have had. The hair dryer is a bit big and sometimes my arm gets tired of holding it - if I am trying to blow dry a certain style for my hair. I am happy that It seems to dry my hair pretty fast-I think it dries it in half the time that my old dryer did. I usually leave the hair dryer on ionicsince it makes my hair shiny and smooth. I also use the 'cool' button or I switch it to 'cold' after I am done drying my hair so it sets the style and also, I think, reduces the flyaways and keeps the shine. I haven't had any problems with it overheating or getting too hot to hold or burning me. Plus I haven't had it turn off on me either. I have dropped it several times, by accident, but it has worked just fine and it doesn't sound like any of the internal parts have broken off or gotten loose. I do make sure to clean the back filter/grid thing where the hair dryer sucks in the air because it sounds louder if it is dirty probably because it is struggling to get the air in it.

Tampa, FL


Not impressed with the Conair Shine Dryer 1875


I bought this hair dryer because I liked the feature of being able to clean the filter so easily. The price was reasonable also. Conair as a brand has a good reputation. My previous hair dryer was a Conair and lasted almost nine years. I was very very disappointed when this new dryer acted up during my second use of it. I had it on high heat and low speed and suddenly it switched to high speed all by itself. I thought maybe my finger had bumped the button, but then I noticed as I pushed the switch from high to low - they were both on high speed no matter what the setting was on. This is a real bummer for me since I prefer to do most of my hair drying on low speed. My hair is naturally curly and prone to frizz - so a high heat and low speed is ideal. High speed seems to make my hair more frizzy with more flyaways. I guess I'll have to either return this item or call Conair and see what they say.

Maple Valley, WA


Conair Ion Shine Dryer is a great value!


I have been through many hair dryers in my lifetime and several have been from Conair. I am very loyal to this brand because it always provides quality products for a value. The Ion Shine 1875 has to be my favorite so far. It has so many available options so that your hair can be styled just the way you want. It has a button on the side that lets you turn the ion shine portion on or off. It also has two speeds, three heat settings, and a cold set button. I blow dry my hair everyday and find that this blowdryer helps my hair stay shiny and damage free. It is one of the best dryers on the market for budget conscience people like me.

Fort Branch, IN


Love it


I received the Conair Ion Shine 1875 hair dryer as a gift and so far I love it!  I love all the attachments it comes with, I especially love that it comes with an attachment that looks like a pic for straightening your hair while you blow it dry. It really did a good job of keeping out those funny little almost-natural-curl-but-not-really bumps that usually appear in my hair. It dries fast, and has several different combinations of heat/cool/speed that you can customize so that you are using whatever setting works best for your hair. It has a hook to use for hanging so you don't have to store it on the floor or on the bathroom counter. It's also really pretty to look at! I love the red color. I also noticed that this dryer kept my hair from getting poofy and big right after drying - something other dryers haven't done, I always end up with a big ball of hair after drying but this kept it about 50% sleeker and straighter.

Peoria, AZ


Drying My Hair Has Never Been This Fast


The Conair 1875 Watt Ceramic Ionic Styler, Model 174TB has been nothing but a blessing.  The Ionic Technology tackles hair with ease, while leaving hair manageable, and with shine. I have thick hair, and using this allows me to dry my hair in less than 10 minutes. The ceramic technology disk is added to protect hair from excess heat damage. So yep, thats what the ceramic is for, for those of you who didn't know. My older hair dryer would leave my hair frizzy and puffy. Using the Conair 1875 Watt Ceramic Ionic Styler though not only tackles frizz, but it does not poof up my hair, which saves me a ton of time when it comes to using my straightener. Although the styler does leave some frizz behind, it is nothing compared to other dryers I have used before. **Settings:** The styler comes with 3 settings, and a cool touch button. I usually use it on the highest possible setting for fast results, and quick drying time. I have never experienced any issues with heat damage on the high setting, so *it is* safe to use. The **cool shot**ladies is to add more shine, so once your hair is dry, hit the cool shot button for some added shine. The difference is not very significant, but it is slightly noticeable. **Overall:** This is the best hair styling tool I have ever gotten my hands on besides my straightener.  It is a must for those who don't have a lot of time to wait for their blow dryer to actually dry their hair. **Weight:**  The Conair Ion Shine Dryer 1875 Wt Ceramic; model 174TB weighs in at 2.8 pounds, which for some may be a bit too heavy. However it dries hair so quickly that you will be done before you begin to feel any discomfort.



Conair Ion Shine Dryer 1875 Wt Ceramic Red

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