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Conair Infiniti Instant Heat 1" Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron CS31BB

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Worked when I got it


When I first got this straightener I loved it and it worked super well but after about a month of use it went downhill and was not as hot, caught my hair in it, and cracked from heat. I still use it because my others work worse, but I am in much need of a new one. Effectiveness Straightens my hair ok as long as the heat isn't too hot because if it is it waves my hair instead. Durability I didn't drop it or clunk it and one day while it was heating the ceramic plates cracked. Now my hair gets stuck in them which is not cool. It also started losing its high heat pretty fast. Still works so in spite it's pretty durable, but it did break pretty quickly.

Burke, VA


The Conair Infinit Straightener is pretty awesome


**I have long thick hair and have tried many straighteners. Being the frugal person that I am, this straightener is a bit out of my price range but boy am I ever so glad I bit the bullet and bought it. My 13 year old daughter and I absolutely LOVE this straightener. It heats up very fast, has a few heat settings and does exactly what it says it will do.It can be used on wet or dry hair but we always use it on dry hair. It eliminates frizzy hair and straightens your hair without taking too much of your time. My hair also looks very nice and shiny after I use it. The color is pretty neat too (teal color) and it has a holder to place it in while it's still hot. Not many straighters work on my thick hair but this one does. I highly recommend it. **

Phoenix, AZ


Conair hair straightener is great for teenagers.


The Conair Infiniti Instant heat straightener is a great product. It would be great for those teenage girls that want to try new things with there hair. Also be great for those first time users for straighteners. This product does not cost to much so if you are budget conscious this product is for you. I must say i love this product myself. It is great if you are in a hurry to get ready because is is instant heat it will not talk long to warm up at all. Even if you are not rich you can afford this and make you look wonderful. If you into trying new things did you know you can curl your hair by using a straightener just google on how to curl your hair using straightener. It will give you great new ways to new hairstyles. So i would recomment this to all of my friends and family and everyone close to me to try it out. And if you dont like there is always so many more products that Conair sale so why not give them all a try and see how you like everything. You may be surprised what you like.

Adamsville, AL


the conair infiniti is awesome


The conair infiniti is a good hair iron, especially if your hair is long and thick, because the iron base is nice and wide.  I owned a small ceramic flattening iron that did nothing for my hair because of it's small size, but this is a really good size.  It come with three different temperature settings so you can choose how hot you want the iron to be.  It also heats up quickly.  I turn it on and I only wait a minute to use it, so you don't have to waste a lot of time waiting for it to heat up.  It can only be used on dry hair.  There are more expensive ones that you can use on wet hair too.  But this straightening iron does the job for me.  I got a lot of compliments on my hair when I use this.  Even though my hair is naturally straight, it still makes a difference when you straighten your hair, because it makes your hair look much neater and less frizzy looking.  It gives you a more glamorous pulled together look.

Hackensack, NJ


Beautiful Hairstyling Tool


This flat Iron has up to date technology, with three choices of heating settings. While it is advertised as a straightening tool, it can also curl with ease, as it offers an option for 1 1/2" or 2 1/2 inch surfaces. It leaves your hair smooth and shiny with long lasting results. I believe there would be benefits to the flat iron with a comb attachment, as it leaves the hair with an evenly distrubuted spacing. There are benefits to both a large and more narrow surface, depending on how what kind of styling you prefer. Tighter curls and more control for straightening works best with the 1 1/2 inch surface, and the wider surface for larger curls and thicker hair. The ConAir Infinity Flat Iron is a handy tool for many desired hairstyles. I have success after success with this hairstyling tool and would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a new and exciting hairstyle or in maintaining one you already enjoy.

Los Alamos, CA


the conair infiniti straightener is great to use for thick hair


when i wake up with a buch of frizzy curls in the morning i can usually count on my conair strahgtener to help me with my bad hair day just 25 mins in the morning or the night before to get rid of a bad hair day.

Melbourne, FL


It Rips, Pulls, and Barely Heats Up!


I bought the Infiniti by Conair, Instant Heat Ceramic 1" Hair Straightener at the same time I bought the Hot Air tool by Conair. I thought the I would be keeping the straightener, and returning the Hot Air ironic that my initial thoughts were dead wrong, I ended up keeping the styler, and returning the Infiniti by Conair, Instant Heat Ceramic 1" Hair Straightener. ***The reason?*** Gosh, there are many. The first reason though was the fact that the iron barely got hot. I mean it did give off heat, but there was no way in hell that it was heating up to the maximum 395 degrees. My hair needs the extra heat in order to flatten out, otherwise it's left wavy and puffy. This straightener though only felt mildly warm, and the lack of heat kept my hair from straightening out. Besides just that huge issue though, I ran into another issue while trying to run the iron through my hair. I realized that 8 out 0f 10 times when stroking it through my hair, it would pull pieces of hair right out of my head. This is usually common in brand new irons, but seriously after using it for 20 minutes the plate snarling issue should have been over with. This was not a plate issue though, the iron was designed with these grooves that were far too separated, so my hair would end up getting stuck in them, and yanking. The handle is also flawed. For some reason they added spaced comfort grooves onto the part that you hold. The grooves though are made of hard plastic, and they actually cause discomfort, mild pain to the fingers, and I ended up having grooved red lines in my fingers after using it for just a short amount of time. After attempting to get my hair straight for a full 20 minutes, I turned the iron off, and packed it back up into it's box for a refund. Overall Recommendation: Skip it. It rips hair, has an awkward design, and does not heat up enough to straighten hair.



Good product, better price


This is an amazing straightener. It works well with my hair. Most other straightners I've tried tend to dry my hair out and leave it with many split ends as well as frizzy. I would recommend this to anyone whose looking for a good one that costs little. It's great quality and has up to 5 different heat settings. It even comes with a guide for which heat setting is best for your hair. It always leaves my hair looking great!

Henrico, VA


Conair Infiniti Instant Heat 1" Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron CS31BB

3.8 8