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Conair Infiniti I Series 1-1/2" Ceramic Flat Iron

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Best part is the large plates.


I have used this off and on for probably two or three years (never more than twice a week) and have never had a problem with it. It works either just as good or very close to when I first got it. The very best thing about this is how large the plates are. It makes straightening my hair so much faster. You can use larger, thicker sections at a time. I use probably just a third of the amount of strokes that I usually use. I have to go over my baby hairs three times to get all the waves out, though. I cannot curl my hair with it because I find the plates are just too wide and it gets stuck when dragging it downward. I have not noticed any more damage than usual compared to other flat irons. I have used this on my friends short, curly hair, and it came out fantastic! It was really smooth and sleek. Effectiveness You have to use less sections, but you have to go over frizzy sections a couple more times. Durability It has worked well for many years.


Las Vegas, NV


Best straightener for thick hair!


The wide plates are best for thick hair, and even long hair, cutting straightening time in half from the traditional 1" tiny straighteners. Sure, many other brands create larger straighteners as well, so what gives this one a 10? The pink ceramic plates glide smoothly over hair, leaving it silky and frizz free for all day straightness. Best when used with a heat protectant spray, this straightener doesn't leave hair smelling like it's burnt, as I have found other straighteners to do so. This truly leaves hair soft and smooth after just one glide on the strands. Results last all day and when carefully slept on can last for a second day as well (hello dry shampoo!) The cord does not get tangled, and stores easily, leaving that bathroom cabinet clutter free. It heats up quickly and turns off by itself, perfect for busy ladies who often forget to power down themselves, let alone their hair appliances! Effectiveness Hair becomes straighter in half the time due to the wide plates, especially suited for thick hair. Hair is left silky, smooth and frizz free all day long. Durability Of the 4 months I have owned this straightener (and used almost every other day), results haven't changed. It hasn't worn out or "gotten tired" as some straighteners do. It is still in the perfect condition I bought it in: no heat/burn marks on the plate, no buildup of hair products or any signs that it has even been used really.




con air flat Iron


I have used the Con Air flat Iron for about 6 months now and I think the quality is very awesome and it looks new just like it did the day I purchased it.My Con Air turns off by itself and that is a feature I like most because I am always getting busy with something else and I forget to turn my Iron off.With the Con Air you can walk away and not worrie about if you turned it off or not and that alone is worth more money to me just with that option alone. The Con Air flat Iron also has a nice cord that you never have to worrie about it getting tangled up in a rats nest sort of speak....The cord is nice and thick and it moves with you and don't twist and turn like some store brands do.Even when other cords are around the Con Air cord they never tangle up with it and that is awesome to not have to worrie about bulky cords twisted up together. The Con Air flat Iron glides smootfh down your hair and never tangles up your hair strands and your hair looks so pretty and silky soft ready for that special night out on the town.The Con Air is so easy to wipe off and clean it takes 4 minutes and you are done.No need to spend hours trying to get hair out or dirt.It wipes off so easy and than you can just forget it until the next month.


Sioux Falls, SD


ConAir straightening iron is the best I have used so far!


This straightener is one of the best ones i have used so far. I have used many straighteners and this suits my hair the best. I used to use this one in which the surface was metal and it really was damaging my hair. and now that i have started to use this straightener by con air, i feel my hair not s o rough when i straighten them and that makes me feel great. because i love my hair i feel that they are the most beautiful part of me and that when i am having a bad hair day i'm having a bad day overall and when i use stuff that messes my hair up that pisses me off, like my old straightener did, but i feel much better now and i am grateful to have changed my straightener. now that things have worked out well with one of con airs products that i have used, thats now the product for my hair and the only brand i buy now is of con airs so i guess that makes me feel better. because i never used anything on my hair and now that i have started i feel much better. that sums it up basically. hope you all use it and like it as well. 


Milwaukee, WI


Glides smoothly through my hair


The Conair Infiniti I Series 1 1/2 Straightener is a ceramic hair straightener.  It glides smoothly through my hair and has a removable comb on one side.  It got hot really fast and this straightener has 11 different heat settings which start at 210 and go all the way up to 395.  The heat settings is displayed on a small window on the straightener.  It has an on and an off button located on the side.  The Conair Infiniti I Series Straightener has a cord saver that is attached to the cord.  When I first opened it I thought it was just a plastic cord saver that could be thrown away because it did not look very sturdy. The Conair Infiniti I Series has an auto turn off after 60 minutes.  The cord is attached to the bottom of the straigntener and it is movable.  It can go 360 around so the cord does not limit the straightener.  Where the straightener attaches to the cord is bowed out and I felt unsafe leaving it alone while it was still hot because I has afraid it was going to tip over.  I used it today to straighten a small part of my hair and I was happy with the results.  I am looking forward to using this straighten in the furture!


Allentown, PA


Conair Infiniti I Series 1-1/2" Ceramic Flat Iron

4.4 5