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Conair Hype Hair Instant Ultra-Hot Ceramic Flat Iron CS25HCS

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Best Flat Iron ever!


I really love this flat iron! I have been looking for an efficient flat iron for a while, and I was so pleased to have found Conair Hype Hair ultra-hot ceramic flat iron. I have a thick hair, and any of the flat irons I had tried previously were not doing a good job. I think that the ceramic plates do the trick. What I am also impressed with is the fact that the hair does not get damaged, not even with frequent uses. This flat iron gets warm very fast (in less than a minute!) and curls the hair quickly too. If you are like me in a hurry in the morning when you get ready for work, then this is the perfect flat iron for you! I have always been pleased with the Conair products, so I am not surprised that this Conair flat iron does not disappoint. In addition, I really like the numerous settings for all kinds of hair that this flat iron offers. I usually use this flat iron to curl my hair, but I have friends that use it as a straightener, so its efficiency is two-fold, price-wise and money-wise. This is an amazing product -- I could not have asked for a better flat iron.




Not for the thick haired


I have used this flat iron before.  I tried it out for a few weeks and did not like.  I have very thick hair and would not work.  I had to get very very small amounts of hair and it would take me at least two hours to do my hair.  Then to top it off it would not straighten my hair very well it was frizzy when i was done.  I bought another flat iron same size different brand more expensive.  I love me new flat iron i can do my hair in about thirty to fourty five minutes and does not leave my hair dry and frizzy.  This iron would be good for the girls who have very thin hair.  This flat iron is also very unstable.  Like people say you get what you pay for.  I would never ever recommend this product to anyone.  I would rather use a curling iron or my blow dryer with a round brush to straighten out my hair.  I hope they can find way to make this product come up to better standards.  If this product was made better i would be willing to retry it.


San Antonio, TX


Conair Hype Hair Ceramic Instant Ultra-Hot Iron is OK.


I used to have to straighten my hair all the time, and now I've started styling it other ways so I need a straightener only sometimes. It's really hard to find a good straightener though, and I've went through a lot of different ones trying to find that perfect one for my hair, since it's coarse. I look for straighteners that are easy on the hair and and don't cause a lot of heat damage. Well I think I did pretty good when I bought the Conair Hype Hair Ceramic Instant Ultra-Hot Iron because my hair looks and feels great after using it and I don't look like I have straw hair, which a lot of straighteners do to my hair. I don't have the money to buy an expensive name brand straightener so I had to go a little cheaper, and I think I did pretty good with the straightener I chose. It's realiable, inexpensive, and it makes me have, soft, beautiful hair. I love it and I'm glad I went with this choice! + .


Westmoreland, TN


This product is brilliant


I have owned a Chi and thought I would save my money when it finally died and bought the Conair Ceramic Instant Hot Iron and it works just as well as a Chi but a third the price.  Well worth it.  Heats in a instant and keeps my hair very silky.       


Port Saint Lucie, FL


Conair Hype Hair Instant Ultra-Hot Ceramic Flat Iron CS25HCS

3.5 4