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Conair Hot Air Thermal Brush/Dryer

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Fries hair and pulls it out


Where to begin? I have no clue if I just can't use this right but I also had a few friends try this on their hair and they had the same effect. I hate having to mess with my hair and I heard some co-workers talking about this and how great it was. I went out and got one and my hair was a disaster after using this. I thought it was very ineffective. My hair was fried by the time I was done with it, making those broken tips even more noticeable. The actual hair piece had my hair all tangled and it ended up ripping out. I was so frustrated with this, that I finally ended up getting my money back.



Wow! Two steps at once!


Okay, I don't know where I have been, but when I saw one of these at my friend's house, I couldn't believe that everyone doesn't own one. What a great idea! Instead of having to dry my hair while trying to tame it with a brush and then having to curl it, I can do both things at once. This is such a time saver for me, and so easy to use. My hair is pretty thick, but this does the job for both drying and styling. I am sure that for many people the interchangeable barrels are great, but I have found that personally I only use one about 90% of the time. I wish it had a third power level, but I guess two is probably fairly standard. I wouldn't mind a longer cord, but that also probably is more a function of my personal outlet situation rather than a flaw in the product. If you want to style your hair and cut down on the time it takes, the conair hot air brush is worth a try. Durable, hard working, and inexpensive.

Dulles, VA


Conair Hot Air Thermal Brush/Dryer Rocks


I have one and I use it at least 5 days a week, to dry/style my hair.  I'm all thumbs when it comes to hairstyling, so to have to hold two different instruments (a blow dryer and a brush) in order to style my hair would be very hard.  This one instrument takes care of both and frees up a hand.  I usually let my hair partially air dry and use this tool more for styling then for drying.  It comes with two different attachements, a brush and then one that is a circular dryer.  Since I do use it more for styling than drying, I tend to use the brush much more often than the other attachement.  The dryer has 2 speeds.  Low and High.  The heads a very easily interchangeable by turning the screw from lock to open then the head comes right off and you can easily insert the other head and lock it again.  Another plus to me, is that I have not used a curling iron on my hair in years!  I actually feel like this is a better styling method for the health of my hair.

Elgin, IL


This is great!


This styler is great. If you're like me and you can't handle a brush and a blow dryer at the same time, then you will love this.  It made my curly, frizzy hair sleek and smooth in no time.  I love it!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Conair Hot Air Thermal Brush Dryer has cut my style time in half


I don't know how I survived without the Conair Hot Air thermal brush/dryer. I love it! It cuts my style time in half. I have very thick hair, tends to be wavy and frizzy. I get out of the shower and can plug the conair brush dryer in, sit in my chair (rather than stand in the bathroom with a blow dryer, straightener, multiple cords, etc.) and dry and style at the same time! Again, love this thing! There are two settings for the blower, and two sizes of brushes, that can easily be swapped out.  I have used similar products in the past and found that they either didn't get hot enough, or didn't blow enough air, etc. but the Conair brush/dryer works perfectly. I love not having to use a blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron to get ready in the morning. For me, this is an all in one tool that is very effective and reduces the morning routine. If I can save time on my hair, that is more time to snooze! I definately recommend this to all women!

Pinson, AL


Absolutly essential


This is amaizing! I've never had so much ease drying and styling my hair. Normally it takes about an hour or two to dry and style my hair in the morning but this cut that time in half. This tool is the most imortant and most utilized tool you will ever buy in your life. My hair was so much smoother and silkier. I can't beleive that heat styling my hair actually made it seem healthier. But it did, and now its the first thing I reach for after my shower each morning.

Ambridge, PA


The Conair dryer cons not!


***The Case*** For anyone - but especially women - getting ready to go out and face the world in the morning can be a time-consuming chore, and, without fail, the most frustrating part for me is my hair.  It's thick.  Very thick.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but thick hair generally takes a fairly long time to dry.  It can also take a fairly long time to style.  In my case, *both* are true.  When I have to pull my tired carcass out of bed forty minutes earlier just to make sure I have time to do my hair, something's gotta change!  I really wanted to find a way to make my morning routine quicker - and get more sleep! - and with the Conair Hot Air Brush/Dryer, I was able to do just that! ***The Good*** Because of the Conair dryer's design, it really does succeed in cutting haircare time in half.  The dryer is shaped liked a curling iron.  The "hot" end doubles as a dryer and a brush, and there are three interchangeable barrels with differing widths.  The barrels are problem-free, and very easy to swap out and secure to the dryer itself.  The length of each barrel is scattered with air holes (for drying) and bristles (for styling).  I've found that with the Conair, it's much easier to dry and style my various layers than it is with a regular dryer and a brush or comb.  Plus, being able to dry and style in one step makes life so much easier!  The Conair has two settings - HI and LO - and the HI setting is strong enough to get the drying job done in under fifteen minutes, which is a definite positive in my book, and quite a bit faster than the half hour it was taking me before! ***The Bad*** There's not much.  I really only have one thing to mention, and it's not so much a complaint as it is an informational tidbit.  If you're going for an extremely fancy or distinct look, you will more than likely still need the extra step of using an actual curling iron.  For tight, bouncy, elegant curls rather than loose, wavy, casual locks, hot metal will beat out warm air any day of the week!  But, if perfectly stylized coifs aren't something you're looking to create every single morning - if you just want to get your hair dry, manageable, and cute, and then get the heck out of the bathroom - then the Conair is the way to go! ***The Verdict*** Five stars!  For a quicker dry 'n style, nothing beats the Conair Hot Air Brush/Dryer!

Austin, TX


Conair Hot Air Thermal Brush/Dryer

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