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Conair HB1R Ultimate Hair Remover

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The Conair Hair Removal System is good with hair, GREAT for skin


The Conair Hair Removal System is good at hair removal --- but GREAT as an exfoliator! As for hair removal, it works very well on fine hair --- arms, face, and other "fuzzy" places. I find it not-so-good on the legs, but I have yet to find any appliance that works well for me on the legs. There was no pain (except for the spots I left it on a bit too long - but that went away as I became for familiar with the machine); no pulling, no yucky smell. And it is fast - no waiting forever like with creams & lotions. **** ****Okay, I have a problem with really bad calluses on my feet - lumps, bumps, dry skin, the works. Yuck. This product has been GREAT - TERIFFIC - WONDERFUL for my feet. It has taken several sessions, but my feet are vastly improved. It has also done wonders for my skin --- the skin was actually white & flacky in some places, but is now clearer and much, much softer than before. For you ladies with dry skin and soft hair, this is a great product. I plan to continue using mine for a long time!  

Daytona Beach, FL


Conair HB1R Ultimate Hair Remover

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