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Conair Fabric Steamer


Features and Benefits:
Delivering 1-1/2 hours' worth of steam, this compact fabric steamer features 1200 watts of power, an easy-to-handle cool-touch nozzle and hose, plus a 3-piece collapsible pole for hanging garments. Large rear wheels make it easy to maneuver and the small size is a dream to store.
• 1200 watts
• Compact, easy to store
• Easy-to-handle, cool-touch nozzle and hose
• Large rear wheels for easy maneuverability
• 3-piece collapsible pole for hanging garments
• 67-ounce water tank provides 1-1/2 hours of professional steam
• Foot-activated power switch
• Includes lint and bristle brush attachments
• UL listed
• Limited one-year warranty

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You'll never want to use your iron again!


My girlfriend has been bragging about this steamer, so I finally decided to get one myself. I just love it! I was amazed at how easily and quickly I can get those wrinkles out of stored clothing, those in a drawer or just hanging in the closet. It is so much better than getting out an ironing board and iron. My only complaint is that I wish it was easier to hang the clothing on this and the rollers could lock in place, but that is minor compared to the advantages. Performance It really takes the wrinkles out of clothes that have been stored away for the season. Safety As with any hot product with steam, you have to be very careful using this. However, once you catch on there is no problem. Ease of Cleaning It doesn't, clean - it removes wrinkles! Ease of Use The large wheels makes it easy to roll and heats up quickly. The tank is easy to fill. Durability It is lightweight and not made of heavy duty material, but with care it should last a very long time. Design I would like to see a better way of attaching a hanger and locking the wheels. I love the collapsible pole, lint and brush attachments, it is easy to fill the 55 ounce tank and empty and is easy to use.


Oxford, OH


Does not replace your iron.


Ever since I saw the informercial for the Tobi steamer, I have wanted a fabric steamer ever since. Since I didn't want to order off the television, and saw that there was a Conair alternative, I was excited. Assembly of the pole wasn't too bad since there are only three parts of the pole. I did struggle putting the hose into its spot. I was also confused on how to put the attachments in, and what some of them were for. I still cannot figure out why I would need the brush attachments.  First off, this steamer took all of the wrinkles out of my graduation gown, so I can say for sure that it works on this material--although it appears that the gown I wore was made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. I also tried this steamer on some wrinkled cotton shirts, and while it took a bit of time to get the wrinkles out, it still worked. On the other hand, I tried this product out on a nicer shirt, and it was difficult to get the fabric wrinkle free and straight around the collar.  I should note that this product does not seem to remove the wrinkles immediately like an iron would so you should probably only steam your clothes if you have a little extra time. You also have to remember that since this is steam, your clothes will end up a little damp if you immediately put your clothes on after steaming.  The water heats up amazingly fast which is very convenient. If you have a bit of laundry to steam though, it is best to fill up the container because the water runs out very quickly, especially when you are going over the same spot a few times. I kind of wished the hanger pole could clamp my hanger and shirt better. Because since the clothes swing around on the pole, you do not get as close of contact with the steamer so it takes even longer for your clothes to get steamed straight. You have to hold your clothing and pull it straight as you try to steam, so the bottom of your shirts tend not to be as straight as the rest of the shirt, unless you want to burn your hand. You probably need tongs of some sort to do this best. I do love how it can remove wrinkles from my pleated, cinched and ruffled shirts though, because it is usually a nightmare trying to iron these articles of clothing. As for the crease attachment . . . well, I would much rather iron my clothes to get these creases than to try making them with this attachment. My creases don't look sharp, and when you try to clamp your shirt with the steamer, you have to hold it amazingly straight, or else a wrinkle gets in and you just added another odd crease to your shirt. It's just difficult because there is no stable backing for your clothes to lean/lay on. If only the steamer could work going horizontally flat than straight up and down, the clothes would probably come out a lot nicer and faster.  As for some random comments, the steamer is rather bulky, so it is best to have this only if you have extra closet space to store it. It does not have wheel brakes, so it can roll around easily when trying to steam--yet another nuisance. In addition, the hose is not that long so if you wanted to steam your tall curtains with them, well, you can't really.  All in all, the product works. It is just not as crisp looking as it would be with an iron. You may want to use the steamer for tough wrinkles first, and then do a few touch ups with an iron to make your collars straight and put some good old fashion creases in. It really cannot replace your iron, but it is pretty convenient to have.  Safety Easy to burn yourself


Temple City, CA


Conair Fabric Steamer Model GS7R - very quiet


Recently tried the Conair Fabric Steamer Model GS7R.  I took it out of the box to put it together and found that the support rod is not too well made and instructions made it seem like there were more parts that there actually was.  The poles are a little unsturdy so it seems a little cheaply made.  It is a little hard to attach the steamer hose to the steamer housing but there is only one way to put it on so eventually I was able to securely lock it on.  This is what took the longest to do.  The T-nozzle is a bit cheaply made and is a little wobbly and if I pushed in on any tighter I was afraid it would crack so I have it on the best I could.  After this was done, I filled up the container with water and put it on the steamer.  I like that the container is separate from the unit so it is very easy to add water or remove it after use.  I have had other models in the past that the container is not separate so I am happy with this difference.  The water heats up in merely seconds and is ready for use and it also very quiet compared to others I have used in the past. The hose could be a somewhat longer, I feel like I am pulling it at times.  The water does leak occasionally but doesn't happen too much.  But from using steamers in the past this happens with all steamers.  It is also nice to have a pole to hang garments to be steamed.  This unit is also very light weight and makes it so simple to move around.  Overall, I am pleased with how this steamer de-wrinkles everything I have steamed and would recommend purchasing it. Safety water can tend to leak out and it gets very hot Ease of Use very easy to use; just fill with water and turn on Durability the pole is quite wobbly, and can tend to fall over, so be careful Design could be made more sturdy; maybe with a thicker pole to hang clothes on while steaming


Uniondale, NY


From wrinkled to relaxed in no time!


I was selected to test the Conair Fabric Steamer GS7R from viewpoints. There were very few pieces to assemble: the support rod, which had three pieces, and the steamer hose. The instructions stated that the support rod should be labeled '1', '2' and '3'. However, my pieces were not labeled so I had to go by the photos in the instructions to be sure I was assembling it correctly. Attaching the steamer hose was as simple as lining up the tabs and grooves and turning clockwise until it locked. Once the rod was assembled and the hose was attached, I was able to bring the hose upward to rest it on the cradle at the top of the rod. Then it was time to fill it up with water. I like the fact that this steamer has a container that holds the water, instead of like other steamers where you have to take the hose off the unit to fill it with water. The container makes it so convenient, unscrew the cap, fill with water, put the cap back on and sit it on the housing unit. Simple. Time to try the steamer! The steamer plugs into an ordinary outlet. There is an on/off switch at the base of the housing unit and it lights up when it's on. The instructions stated that the steamer will steam and be ready in one minute. I was skeptical. I really didn't think the unit would heat the water that fast and I would be ready to steam clothing in one minute. Wow. The instructions were correct! In fact, it was a little less than one minute and steam was pouring out of the nozzle waiting to get to wrinkled clothing! That's amazing! The cradle that is at the top of the rod not only is used to hold the nozzle, but it also holds garments that are on hangers. This is so convenient. Basically with this unit, I can set it up anywhere and steam my clothes as long as there is an outlet nearby. This steamer produces a great amount of steam. The instructions state that it steams for up to 1 1/2 hours of steam. I haven't used it continuosly for that amount of time, but I can say that for the 45 minutes I did use it, the steam was constant. It dewrinkles clothing very quickly, and the lint attachement will pull lint from your clothing while dewrinkling it at the same time. Now for some pros and cons. Pros: Compact unit Begins to steam in under one minute Has a rod and cradle that holds the nozzle and clothing on hangers Lift off container that holds the water is easy to fill Has wheels making it easy to move to and from rooms Cons: The cord isn't very long so you need to be sure you are near an outlet The rod/cradle isn't very high so longer clothing may drag on the floor or you need to bend down to steam longer clothing The on/off button is small-instructions state you can use your foot to turn it on and off-basically you need to use a steady toe to do that-the button should be bigger I am very happy with this steamer and so excited that I was chosen to do a review. This is an item that will get used daily in my home. So much easier to use than setting up an ironing board and getting out an iron and having to put them away each time I want to iron an article of clothing. The steamer is so compact that I can leave it in the kids' small bathroom and it is out of the way. When I am ready to use it, just wheel it over to the outlet, fill it with water, plug it in and turn it on and I have dewrinkled clothing in minutes! Performance I have noticed over time that the performance has gone down a bit and it now takes longer to beginning steaming. This could be because of the fact we have very hard water. I will clean the unit with vinegar per the instructions and then use filtered water and see if that helps with the performance from here on out. Safety As with any appliance that produces heat/steam, always take precaution not to use near small children. Ease of Cleaning Because we have very hard water, it is necessary to descale the unit when the steam performance is greatly affected. This requires the use of vinegar in place of half of the water and letting it run/steam until the liquid is gone, which can take quite a while. Then the unit must be rinsed completely. And I like to run another two cups of plain filtered water through to remove the vinegar smell. Ease of Use No complicated set up or buttons/knobs required to use this steamer. Simply fill with water, plug it in and wait for steam! Durability Very durable and withstands many months of usage so far. Design Small and compact enough to store in a small closet.


Atlantic Beach, FL


i could get used to using the conair fabric steamer


first of all i have never used a steamer before, so when i was selected to give this a whirl i was delighted!  i didnt open it for a couple days because i was a little tied up.  when i did, however, i got some what confused with the instructions.  the poles were not numbered, but once i got that right it wasnt hard to put the rest together.  so i put some water in it and the kids ran off to find something "wrinkly"  they came back with a t-shirt and yes it was wrinkled.  i used the pole as a hanging rack, and that wasnt so great.  the wheels on the machine move so fluidly that it wouldnt hold still for me.  i ended up moving the steamer close to the wall for stability.   now im steaming from bottom to top like the instruction suggest and the wrinkles are coming out ok, not like a miracle or anything but it was decent.  i want to let anyone that hasnt used this before to know that the steam the machine produces is very HOT!  it wafted up and hit my hands a few times and it was extremely hot.  overall, i like the steamer.  i am honestly looking forward to using it the next time. Safety its safe, but the steam can give you a small burn if your not watching out. Design i love the design, though i wish it had wheel locks.


Lynwood, CA


The Conair Fabric Steamer GS7R really smooths things out!


The **Conair Fabric Steamer GS7R** is a really convenient tool for quickly freshening closet crunched clothes, but the best use that I've found for it is removing wrinkles from curtains. I like to change out my curtains occasionaly, but I really hate all of the ironing, so I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the steamer removed creases. And in just a few minutes! And clothes too freshen instantly. Just hang, steam, and go. The steamer was very easy to assemble in just a few minutes, takes up just a small space at the back of the closet, and the water tank is plenty big enough. I do wish the steam hose was a little longer, but maybe that would effect the steaming capabilities, so I can live with it. Overall, a very nice little machine that truly makes life easier. BTW, I loaned it to my sister, and she liked it do much that she went out and bought one the same day! Performance It has a tendency to leave water spots if you hold the head upright for too long. Safety Watch your fingers! The steam is really hot! Ease of Cleaning Just let it boil dry, then wpie it down with a soft cloth. Ease of Use Heats up fast, ready to go in just a couple of minutes. Durability Haven't broken it yet, and it's been over a year now. Design Light weight, compact, no need to dissassemble to store it.


Santee, CA


works great, saves money


I received a sample of the Conair Fabric Steamer GS7R, and I love it. I have never owned a fabric steamer before, so it is really a luxury for me. At first, I was scared I would not be able to figure it out, but it is really easy to operate. Instead of taking my clothes to be dry cleaned, or hanging them in the shower for days, I am able to quickly use the fabric steamer. It works great, and the water in it lasts for almost an hour. It's easy, no mess, no clothes laying around everywhere! It is great! I even invite my friends over to steam their clothes! Although I received this produst as a sample, I looked up pricing, and this prodcut is very reasonably priced. It is definately worth it for the money you will save on dry cleaning, and the quality of the finished product. I am really thankful for the opportunity to try this prodcut, and I would recommend it to anyone! Another great Conair product!


Chicago, IL


Great steamer, but still not an iron.


I was lucky enough to receive this steamer for free to try.  I should start off by letting you know I HATE IRONING!  I have many times thrown perfectly dry clothes in the dryer just to try to get some of the wrinkles out before wearing.  This steamer will definitely replace this (not so great) trick.   First off, I do think that it was a little difficult to put together and the directions in the manual were unclear.  That said, it still only took me about 15 minutes to put together...I was just a little frustrated doing it.  I am still unclear about the attachments and whether the other nozzles attach anywhere to the product and do not know if there is a way to easily remove the stand.  To me, it does not appear that the stand is easily removed for storage, although I think I read somewhere that it is and I see many pictures with it not attached.  Ideally, it should have had a handle that slides down inside itself for storage.   As far as turning on and heating up, the steamer does so very quickly.  Adding water is easy and it takes half a minute to be ready to use once powered on.  The water reservoir is large enough to use for quite some time that you probably won't have to worry about refilling it in the middle of doing your de-wrinkling chores.   The steamer did a fair job of getting the wrinkles out.  Items that were more t-shirt material worked the best.  Small items or items with lots of pleats were harder.  Small items (like children's clothes) are doable, but it is harder to pull the item straight so that it removes the wrinkle without your hand touching the steam.  Items with pleats sometimes seemed to almost put in a crease where the pleat is (due to your pulling on it while steaming and it not remaining flat), something that with an iron you normally would iron out. Overall, I liked the steamer because it is quick to use.  If you like nice creases in your pants and really well-pressed shirts, this is not the product for you.  But, if you want a quick, general got most of the wrinkles out look, this is great! Safety Very easy to zap yourself with hot steam. Durability I replaced it after 2 years. It stopped working. Thought it probably was clogged by minerals from the water. Tried vinegar/water solution to clean it out but couldn't get it going. Design A lot of them have a telescoping handle, but this model did not so it was bulky to store.


West Palm Beach, FL


efficient wrinkle remover without chemicals


First of all I am very thankful to say I am very glad to have tried out this product. I am a first time mom with a very busy schedule. Almost everytime I do laundry I end up ironing my sons and husbands clothing. Everything they own is made out of cotton and comes out in a horrendous wrinkled condition out of the dryer. Therefore I end up ironing every shirt, pant and jacket every day. I was really looking forward to testing this product because ironing clothes sometimes leaves creases or slight wrinkles and imprints on parts of pant and shirts. I heard about these steamer machines but was not sure if they are worth the money. I experimented first on my drapes in the living room. They were noticiably wrinkled and I did not know how to clean them. They are fairly expensive and I presume can only be dry cleaned.You can just imagine what the bill would be at the cleaners. I started up the steamer and pressed lightly against my drapes. At first the wrinkles did not come off. You have to press firmly on the drapes and make sure they are supported against the wall or something suppoting them on the back. Almost at the first try the wrinkles deminished. It was fun and excitting for me to steam these drapes and see instant results within seconds. I did not consider this work at all. It was quite relaxing comparing to me standing and ironing 10 shirts a day. My drapes were done in 20 minutes and I did this out of enjoyment. Next was my husbands famous super wrinkled cotton shirt. Withing 3 minutes the shirt was steamed and perfectly non wrinkled. It had no imprints on it like it does fron ironing. The shirt was in a perfect condition. The only thing was that the steamer was a bit hot and you have to make sure to keep your hands away from the steam itself. Also on my husbands shirt I noticed a few drops of water come off from the steam brush. The water dries out and the shirt still looks perfect. Those were the only flaws I noticed about the product. I dont really consider them flaws since the steamer perfectly dewrinkled my drapes for free and made my husbands shirts in a tip top perfect condition. I am very happy with the product. Im glad I have it handy so I can use it on anything without chemicals and get that perfect out of the dry cleaners results. My dad was so excitted, that he is bringing his siuts over to try and steam them out on the new steamer machine. As far as space the machine is portable and can be easily put away in any storage area. Performance still works at its best. all the wrinkled clothes looks brand new. husband is very happy


Barrington, IL


I would use this in place of an iron, but assembly was not easy!


I would like to start this review off by saying that I hate to iron.  I would just rather look wrinkly than iron.  Or I would just rather buy clothes that never wrinkle.  Needless to say, I was extremely excited to be one of the individuals that obtained a freebie from Viewpoints for writing a review on this steamer.  I am not the brightest when it comes to assembling items.  I will admit that.  From the directions that came with the steamer, I thought that I can handle this.  It came with very few parts and pictures.  However, the very first step requires you to put together three rods.  According to the directions, these rods are supposed to be labeled.  Had they been labeled 1, 2, and 3 like they were supposed to be, I could have figured out which rod went where.  I gave up and asked my husband to help me assemble it.  He is much better at assembling things and even he was a little confused.  Then came the part where you are supposed to attach the steamer hose and twist to secure it.  He had it backwards but said that the picture was wrong.  I wondered if I could even review the steamer if we couldn't even get the steamer assembled!  Finally my husband assembled it.  It looks much easier than what it actually is. Like I said, I hate to iron so I would use the steamer in place of an iron any day!  I had a rather wrinkly pair of pants to test this out on.  I did find the part where you take the water reservoir and add the water (use distilled water if you can to avoid calcification) to be rather easy.  I wasn't sure exactly how much water to add so I just estimated.  The directions said in about a minute the steam would start and I would say that it was pretty accurate although I didn't add a lot of water since I only had one pair of pants to steam.  Pretty soon the steam started coming out after I turned the steamer on and I quickly steamed and got most of the wrinkles out of my pair of pants fairly quickly. The steamer was fairly easy to maneuver and use.  It has a long hose and an average sized electrical cord.  It you steam in your bathroom and hang the clothing item on your shower door for example this should work unless you have a very large bathroom or your outlet is far away from your shower door.  I think if the directions would come with an idea of how much water to add to the reservoir for how long the steam time would be a handy feature to have.  The steamer started making puffing sounds at the end of the time of steaming my pants.  I believe that the water was running low but I thought the steam time was enough for a single use.  I may never look wrinkled again! I would give this product a higher rating if it hadn't been so tricky to assemble, but all in all I really like this product! Ease of Use I hate to iron and this steamer is great for people like me!


Carmel, IN


Conair Fabric Steamer

4.0 159