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Digital Bathroom Scales
Conair Digital Bath Scale #

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Easier to Weigh Yourself With Conair's Digital Scales


The Conair Digital bathroom Scales are thinner and more compact than most. Our thin scales slide right into a very small area between a bathroom wall and a wall organizer over the toilet.When we get ready to put them to use we just simply slide them out and set them on the floor. This is very easy to do because our Thinner Conair scales are very light weight. Conair makes it easy for us to keep track of our weight due to the fact that our thinner scales are always right within reach. I have been advised that it is best to check your weight at the same time of day and the best time of day is early in the morning before eating. With our scales conveniantly within reach at all times this is an easy thing to do. With the scales in their place in the bathroom it is also easy to check our weight with our clothes off since the scales are always in their proper place in our bathroom and no ones wants to add the weight of their clothes into their true body weight. We have thoroughly enjoyed our Conair Digital Bathroom Scales. It is much easier to see the big digits than to read the needle as it stops on the numbers.We highly recommend the Conair Thinner Digital Bathroom Scales to anyone watching their weight.

Rocky Mount, NC


Conair Digital Bath Scale #

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