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Conair Deluxe Garment Steamer with Hanger

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Good performing long lasting clothes steamer


Despite a few quirks it has performed well over time. The hanger function never became useful, but I have hung my own hangers with clothing on the rail. It is a little clumsy, a little imbalanced when moving it around, but for the price you can't really beat it. I have used mine every day for a long time without any problem. Performance Despite a few quirks, it has performed well over time. On occasion you have to pull the head of the hose up high to dispel water collecting in the hose. You may also have to soak the head in vinegar if you have allowed too much mineral deposits to clog it up. Using distilled water will prevent this. Safety Steam can burn you and you have to be careful, but the steamer is well made. It could be a little less clumsy in the upper parts, but it works well enough. Ease of Cleaning There is not much to clean. I have washed the body with a cloth. I have rinsed out the water reservoir with some vinegar to get rid of residue. And I have soaked the hose head in vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits. None of this was difficult. Ease of Use Once the steam builds up you have to keep going or vapor will start to condense in the hose, but once you figure out to lift the hose head and dispel this when it builds up, you will have fewer problems. The reservoir is big enough for anything you would do in one day and for me lasts at least a week. The other difficulty is arranging your clothes so that you will not just be adding wrinkles. It's not always easy. Durability It has lasted a long time. The hose is of a longer lasting material and that is what goes first. Design Including a hanger on top is a good idea, but it is very difficult to put up and down so I leave it up. That means it takes up more space and is a kind of imbalanced object in the way. I found it not so easy to use the hanger itself. Another good thing to have would be some kind of clip at the bottom so you could stretch the cloth to get out wrinkles...say along the button line of a shirt. I have not figured out how to do this yet with 2 hands.




Throw that iron out and get this Conair Delux Garment Steamer!


I received this steamer as a gift for Christmas. I absolutely love it! I have both a very expensive steamer on a stand and then I purchased this one for its light weight portability. I used it for three straight weeks while reorganizing and steaming 3 walk in closets full of clothes. I did not have one issue with it. It starts to steam almost immediately. The hanger and pant clips do a great job. For those that had trouble with droplets perhaps they do not keep the wand and garment in a high enough position to allow the steam to flow freely. I've left it on all day before, and it didn't cause a fire like an iron might! ;) It did use up all the water though, so make sure you do that. By the way, I no longer own an iron anymore. I probably should though, because the steamer doesn't really make creases that are necessary for my husband's work pants. But it does everything else! I would highly recommend this steamer.


Tuscaloosa, AL


Useful if you're a seamstress


I'm a home seamstress and find this steamer extremely useful for sewing.  In addition to all the regular steaming chores, it's particularly useful for creating curved seams, as well as for taking out accidental creases.  It can even make creases with the crease attachment, and you never burn the fabric with a steamer.  (This spoken by someone who has had unfortunate experiences in the past with hot irons encountering delicate fabric--think meltdown.) Another thing I really like about this steamer is that it's not as dangerous as a regular iron.  You never burn yourself with this machine.  The steam is hot enough to be effective, but not enough to burn you, and the hose is "cool touch" so that you can handle it easily.  It heats up in only a minute, which is surprising given that it has to heat the water.  That's as fast as a regular iron!  I have not had problems with drips, which can be problematic with other steamers, especially if you're working on a silk blouse or other fabric which shows water spots. The tank holds enough water for one and a half hours of steaming, and extends to 65" which allows great flexibility for steaming large items.  I like to sleep on pressed sheets, but don't want to take the time to iron them, so I steam them a little bit and it's almost as good. The one drawback to this nifty little gadget is storage.  You can't stick it up on a shelf like an iron.  It needs a place to stand and hang out in its own space, so it's not for anyone who lives in a studio apartment.


Decatur, GA


Conair Deluxe Garment Steamer with Hanger

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